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User Info: kinsuta56

4 years ago#1
is there a first person mode for the aliens. I feel it would be abit more enjoyable playing as a alien if i can be in first person as well.

User Info: kinsuta56

4 years ago#2
sorry for the double post but also i noticed in multiplayer there didnt seem much in friendly fire? or maybe there was just didnt notice it. Just seemed some people where abit well reckless with the flamethrower.

I get the point why they wouldnt have it if its not in there. you know to appeal to the masses. but if there really is no friendly fire that is kinda bleh. Kinda kills the becareful in tight corners feel. not to mention makes situations feel less intense really. Again though i am not sure if its there or not. only playied one round of Escape so maybe i just didnt notice it.

User Info: grevierr

4 years ago#3
No friendly fire with the flame thrower? WTF >_<, aliens was the literal definition of the word friendly fire... poor Frost...
When in Deadly Danger, When beset by doubt,
Run in little circles, wave your arms and shout!

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