An Aliens fan review

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User Info: grevierr

4 years ago#1
Ok played for the first 2 hours, up to mission 4. Just landed on the planet.

Firstly, got to say that it has been a great experience for me so far. The pouncing "In Your Face" Alien jumps, changing from wall to ceiling, the screams of the aliens and your fellow marines, together with the awesome original soundtrack, makes you feel like you are playing the movie again.

Sure, there are glitches (or bugs, but we are on a bug hunt in this game...) that occur in a few areas, and the level clipping is a bit weird at times (how can a bundle of cables hanging from the ceiling block a beefy marine?), but its quite common in shooters, MW2 comes to mind. Also, the reduction of bullets from 99 to a more modern 40 round clip makes for some tight situations where the aliens keep coming and you have to melee while reloading.

The graphics is another point, while its not anything amazing like what you have in DS3 or Crysis, they are still of enough standard up to Half Live 2 level at least. I'm no facehugger, and you don't really get to look at faces all that much. While the humans do look like last years design, I really couldn't care less, since what I want are the Aliens... and it delivers there. The lighting and details can match what we had in AVP2010, and it aces the movement patterns, in which the aliens come from everywhere, the walls, the ceiling, the vents, under your feet, through your buddy... and they do more than just claw swipe you... they will tail swipe, pounce and try to grapple you as well. You can melee them while approaching to gain a few seconds to reload or back away, just like in AVP2010 as well.

All in all, I felt it was a good aliens experience so far, and if some parts seem cliche or over dramatized compared to other recent games, well, I do remember that Aliens is the origin of quite a few of the cliches we now see in media...

Back to gaming for me! Glad I bought this, and hope there will be more sequels after this, with better quality, and even a different play style...
When in Deadly Danger, When beset by doubt,
Run in little circles, wave your arms and shout!

User Info: darth254

4 years ago#2
what about the multiplayer?

User Info: grevierr

4 years ago#3
Will let you know once i finish story mode. There is co op for story mode as well, but havent tried it yet.
When in Deadly Danger, When beset by doubt,
Run in little circles, wave your arms and shout!

User Info: Garudin

4 years ago#4
I'm also liking the game so far my only complaints so far are

-Enemy AI knows you're the main target
This isn't so bad because so many games have this it's just annoying to see in an Aliens game where you have allies and they are supposed to be fair game too

-Buddy AI can be really stupid
In lots of cases there with shoot at an object because an enemy is not behind it but in that direction behind 3 other objects so he has no chance of hitting

Also there are times I've seen an ally literally walk right underneath an alien on the ceiling to let it attack me they will also let enemies walk right by them to attack you

-Aliens don't act like aliens
This one isn't so bad but they almost come at you head on and from the floor anytime they crawl along the walls or ceiling it seems to part of a scripted event and not because they are doing it to attack you from another angle

I will say I'm glad I got this game for 30 dollars instead of the full asking price as after playing I would have felt ripped off at that price

In closing I will say this isn't a bad game it's just not a great Aliens game
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User Info: AshWilliams78

4 years ago#5
So I guess this game will be another Legendary The Box. A game I liked but everyone else seemed to hate.
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