The reviews/scores on this game are outright ridiculous.

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  3. The reviews/scores on this game are outright ridiculous.

User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
4 years ago#11
I've played it

I agree its decent

It does lack tension though

I was pissing my pants playing as Marine, especially when entering the hive in AvP2 or virtually all of AvP2000.

Here, its just "whatever", run through, kill everything.

I do agree that multiplayer is fun, especially Escape.

It does not deserve the scores its getting though. There are far, far worse games than this that got similar scores.
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User Info: Kedrael

4 years ago#12
sjwho2 posted...
claytonbuckley posted...
It's not fanboy goggles, it's the fact OP needs to try justify the money he spent pre-ordering it.

Just own up to it, you're a sucker. People will respect you more if you just own up to it rather than try tell us something bad it actually good.

First off, pre-order is 5 dollars, and can transition to any other purchase you wish to make using game-stop.(at least at mine). So besides 5 dollars not being much, i constantly have pre-orders switched around anyways.

Now is it worth the full price, nah. But is it a horrible god awful game? definitely not. I see anarchy reigns getting 7's and 8's, but this game gettting 2's and 3's why? It isn't THAT bad, and quite honestly I was surprised so many people are up in arms against this game when its really just a "meh" release.

Did you watch any of the developer interviews? There's a reason people are pissed.

User Info: Nito_Musashi

4 years ago#13
oh hype let me count thee all the ways that your fault :P.

isnt this part of the argument these days in gaming, that average games that get average scores then the game sucks, everyone says the game sucks, is it gets an ok or good score, well this was supposed to be a AAA title right? so people have some right to be angry if a AAA title, turns out to be good or average.

and yes the hype machiene has people that much more angry after hearing how great the story would be how tense the action would be etc etc and it turn out the story is ok to horrible depending on your taste, that tension is not to be found especially when you have two things that scare the hell out of people when used properly.

the motion tracker.

the xenomorphs themselves.

granted we all jaded since we have played these games before, maybe they were as great as we remember, maybe they were just ok and etc, but xenomorphs do not terrorize me the way they did when i was 10 or so when alien came out, aliens was not even a horror a movie, it was a action movie, with the nice twist of having a strong smart female lead character, with a great actress in the role.

as long as we keep remaking aliens we are not going to have a horror game. throwing 1000 aliens at you in a hallway ceases to lose its scare factor pretty quicky. and it quicky turns into backpedal and shoot shoot shoot til you move onto the next encounter.

alone on a gigantic space ship with something that can kill you as easily as look at you, poorly armed and a handy motion tracker to remind you how vulnerable you are. that is the alien game people seem to crave.

and hell i could not even finish the marine campaign in the old avp because u were alone with nothing but the blip blip blip reminding you that you were alone until it told you otherwise. add to that that i seem to recall ammo being pretty scarse in those old games.

or maybe i was less jaded 10 years ago or w/e those games came out maybe.

User Info: MudShadow

4 years ago#14
n64 graphics? confirmed
nintendo gameboy physics? easy gameplay, bland story, linear level design?
That's it man, game over man, game over!

You must have what they call placebo effect. You enjoy the game and think it's good even though it's clearly a big bag pile of stinking horse manu....S**eeez.

User Info: king_gimpy

4 years ago#15
The reviews tearing in to how this just doesn't feel like an Aliens game are what are making me so hesitant to play it. Honestly I wish they'd just release an Aliens survival horror game.
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User Info: Freyon

4 years ago#16
I think the reviews thus far are pretty fair.

This is a very generic shooter, and a terrible aliens game. At no point I was scared of the xenos, whenever they showed up I just thought "Horray, more target practice."

If this was called "Space Shooter: Colonial Marines" it would have received better scores, tho it would still be a generic FPS.

User Info: julbull73

4 years ago#17
Aliens came and the lore are entirely about environment and about horror.

AvP1 is the only game to date to ever achieve this.

The storyline pieces are optional in my opinion. I'm fine with "Don't F'ing die!" being the only motivator for an Aliens game. Why?

Because that's what Aliens is about, it's not about finding out that you truly are a beautiful butterfly, it's about not getting throat raped by an acid bleeding, human sized nightmare made flesh!

If I don't have to worry about that, then you've already failed.

Sadly, all they needed to do was take dead space and reskin it, add in "lore" weapons and make it a FPS. Yet they failed....

User Info: MudShadow

4 years ago#18
julbull73 posted...

Sadly, all they needed to do was take dead space and reskin it, add in "lore" weapons and make it a FPS. Yet they failed....

lol true dat.

User Info: L0rdSeth

4 years ago#19
MR_Smarty_Pants posted...
I think your fanboy goggles are too thick if you don't think this game is getting the scores it deserves. My advice is to take them off and then play the game.

Even if they released a pach that enabled all the graphical filters the game needs, it's still a medoicre game; but certainly not a 2 or 3.0 game; I'd say a solid 7 because it has very good music from the movies.

My gripes with it are:

-The pulse rifle is worth nothing, NOTHING. No wonder marines die left and right going vs xenomorphs; you can't shoot straight even with a red dot sight.

-The weapons feel very light, but you can't control them, there is no recoil, just random spread and scatter shots.

-Controls are clunky, tons of invisible walls.

-Anticlimactic ending, not even a decent FMV to know wth happened with the survivors.

But it's not an under 5 game; no way. Props to the developer for getting two of the original actors to reprise their roles; even the story is half decent and right on par with the movie script (wich btw, is an action flick, not horror)
The locations are true to the movies, they even are set up logically; if you watch the movie it makes more sense and explains some inconsistencies with the original script.

The first time you get to see the Alien queen, it's genuinely creepy and in-tone with the movies.

A minor complaint is that the campaign looks like it was thought and designed around 4 people playing it; in harder difficulties your AI controlled dumbasses are a hindrance and not helpful, even tough SOMETIMES they do complete objectives while you cover for them and that one is a nice detail some other shooters should have.

What this game lacks, is presentation. I've seen the video comparison between demo and final product; it looks like someone forgot to implement the post processing in the final game; tough you can tell the game was optimized for consoles since sometimes it loads textures on the fly.

The game feels like what you are watching is the raw graphical engine with no effects processed on top.
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User Info: PrinceOfHot

4 years ago#20
This game is more innovative than Call Of Duty!
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