The Misunderstood GOTY!!!

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User Info: quadomatic23

4 years ago#11
mrplanktom posted...
Speaking of GOTY, how come d3 didn't get any GOTY awards last year?

Because it was a huge disappointment and they built the game around the auction house.
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User Info: AveryLuna

4 years ago#12
If it is flawless like you say, and surpasses the movies, then why do so many people hate it or feel betrayed? The game is decent, but GearBox lied through their teeth about this game, and even showed us a "Demo" that wasn't even real!

User Info: Face_Lost

4 years ago#13
Guys. You are all totally nuts. Farm Simulator 2013 has GOTY written all over it.
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User Info: PsyEd

4 years ago#14
Fantastic game! Will play daily. Its refreshing to see other publishers follow THQ's successful business model of great quality games for fans. Cutting out a big part of the single player to sell as DLC will be well received and can't wait to buy that too.
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User Info: PrinceOfHot

4 years ago#15
BizzyBum posted...
Marine1185 posted...
GOTY? Its only Febuary man...

yea but this game is so good they might as well give it to this because no game this year will surpass it.

^ This

The game should win an Oscar for sound design. They need to fix the single player a little bit but this is a crazy sexy masterpiece of video game art.

User Info: Marine1185

4 years ago#16
Yeah you're probably right. Seems like if this game can sell, why not lower the bar even more? If half assed made this much, what about no effort? Empty boxes with a picture of an Alien on it? Call it, Aliens Colonial Marines 2. I bet lots of 'fans of the franchise' would eat that up. =D
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