What would you have done to make the game better?

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User Info: Ackw85

4 years ago#1
Aside from the graphics (lets be honest, what happened between demo and release?) what kind of things would you have done to make this THE Aliens game that people wanted to see?

For me, the main thing would be to slow the gameplay down to really improve the immersion, I think they could have taken a page out of the Deadspace franchise. Isaac's movements and aiming felt careful and cumbersome in a good way, his movements felt like they had weight, which to me (atleast in the first game), heightened the tension when you're frantically trying to reload as necromorphs converged on you.

The demo we saw, the marines movement is also very careful and concise as he's observing the surrounding with a motion detector. I wanted the marines to feel slow and vulnerable alone, yet sporting powerful weapons and armor that have weight in contrast to the aliens speed, cunning and agility.

Much smarter AI as well, what happened to the intelligent Alien that should be luring you into traps, doing hit and run techniques out of the ceiling and walls?
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User Info: NoGaRdKniGht

4 years ago#2
-Dedicated server support
-More unique multiplayer modes
-More Smartgun in campaign
-Less Weyland-Yutani goons in the campaign.

User Info: therickmu25

4 years ago#3
TimeGate studios were assigned with finishing the single player for GB. When GB got the game back recently they were mortified with what they did to the game. GB had been working only on the MP and thought it was solid but had to completely re-finish the single player that was now butchered by TimeGate.

They couldn't delay it or Sega would sue them so they had to release it and knew it wasn't good. That is what I've heard went down and it makes sense considering how bad the SP is compared to MP.
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User Info: Groadergreen

4 years ago#4
I would have made the game myself like I was supposed to, instead of outsourcing the responsibility and ending up with a steaming pile with my name on it.
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User Info: Fezta

4 years ago#5
Fix the Ai and this would be rated 2 points higher.
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User Info: PsyEd

4 years ago#6
Simple ditch GBX version and put the TimeGate version up....problem solved
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User Info: Genseven

4 years ago#7
I would have done the story different. Have the game's group of marines come to LV421 and go to the original derelict crash site at the same time as the original movie marines are dealing with the colony. Explain that the game marines don't know about the movie marines and vice versa because another sneaky corp. guy is trying to jump the movie team's claim, and he's somehow managed to keep everyone in the dark.

That way, we get on LV421 in time to race vs. the reactor meltdown, just like the movie, and because the movie marines get beat up so bad the game marines could probably visit the movie locations and not even run into them.

Also you could explain the new Xeno types by searching the derelict craft and seeing it's got many different types of host aliens that fed into the Xenos. The game marines abandoning the derelict ship and racing to the colony and the reactor as they are being pursued by these new Xeno types could have been the second and third acts.

Scenes where the game marines detect the movie marines presence would have been epic. The arguments with the corp. guy who's orchaestrated this catastrphe would be too. End it all in spaceship with the surviving marines going along with the corp plan to infect ripley(or try to stop it) and you'd have some real drama.

It'd probably be a good idea to have a flesh out group of characters for the marines. Maybe have tutorial missions where they deal with some other rioting colony's bug hunt. Make it easy but colorful. Then kick their butts on LV421.

User Info: PrinceOfHot

4 years ago#8
Wey-Yu commando's were LAAAAAAAME. This game should be about shooting aliens, not other soldiers. Main caveat with this stinky POS game.

User Info: Ackw85

4 years ago#9
Yeah if I had more to add, it would also be characters with...actual character? Perhaps a squad introduction at the beginning with very defined personalities that stick with you/die through the game.

I thought the voice acting doesn't do the game justice, not convincing or fitting. If I were in their situation I would probably be freaking out like Hudson with irrational thinking and behaviour, none of this is conveyed at all. And for some reason I keep thinking O'Neal sounds alot like Joe from Family Guy so I can't take him seriously at all.
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User Info: Ackw85

4 years ago#10
Oh yeah and the aspect of survival and fighting for your life too. Ammo and supplies should be scarce, but instead theres med kits and plenty of mags lying around every corner. Wonder where this gold mine stockpile was during the Aliens movie.
PSN: Ackw294
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