WTF? How do they expect this to make sense? (Spoilers)

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  3. WTF? How do they expect this to make sense? (Spoilers)

User Info: Darxide

4 years ago#11
stet1 posted...
why would WY touch Ripleys cryo tube? she has a chest burster inside AND with the egg that i guess they put their that 2 chances to get a prison planet infected as a back up incase lv426 doesnt work out (but as it happends they both go up in smoke)

They kidnapped Hicks prior to Ripley being impreganted by the facehugger.

I personally don't think many fans will consider this cannon at all.

User Info: M4karov

4 years ago#12
Why are you even complaining about this if you didn't even play the game but are reading it on the wiki? You would know the answer if you played the game.

Weyland forces board the sulaco. Hicks is woken up as the lead marine on board. Hicks probably knocks out some weyland guard and puts him in the pod so he can sneak around the ship.

The pods get ejected and Weyland doesn't care to go poking around Fury 161 for a couple civilians. They don't need them, they have Hicks. Weyland takes the sulaco back to LV426 where they are setting up a base of operation.

Simple. Don't complain about "garbage storytelling" if you didn't even experience the story.

User Info: julbull73

4 years ago#13
rtlr posted...
If I recall the comics, which I believe are also considered canon, have an additional scene of Ripley finding Burke cocooned when she goes to rescue Newt before the final battle. He begs her to kill him since there is a dead face hugger in front of him but I think she leaves him alive.

Actually I think that was a deleted scene or a story board. I know I've seen it as well.

To be honest, I find this explanation of WY forces started the fire preferable to the alien broke through the cryo-pod, injuring itself on its way in. Which in turn malfunctioned the ship to abandon the pods, all while the cryo pod never "malfunctions".

I'm pretty sure a "cryo-pod" needs to stay sealed in most sci-fi stories, so breaking through the glass, would most likely cease it to be functional.

Further how did the eggs get to the cryo pod (even accepted the queen laid 2 eggs while on the drop ship)? Unless the facehuggers hatched prior to them getting there. But there were only 2 conscious humans and 2 facehuggers. so if this is the case, then why would they even wait to infect the humans?

Figuring that Ripley/Hicks/Newt are all in cryo. The forces trigger the eggs to wake up, but get off the ship prior to being infected, so the facehuggers go after the next targets. Ripley/Newt. However, Newt was already dead or her cryotube malfunctioned (which makes more sense of how she could drown in her sleep when the cryotube greatly slows physical reactions, while she likely had nightmares, her body wouldn't have responded).

If you figure, Newt was killed or cryotube malfunctioned as Hicks was fighting back it makes even more sense.

Honestly, they just didn't want to pay Michael Biehn to come back in Alien 3 and Newt was too old. So they applied plot spackle in Alien 3. Which killing Newt, alright not much you can do with that. But killing Hicks....really??? really?

So at least this plot spackle makes a little more sense. It also explains about why they WY knows to bring a "containment" unit and that Ripley has a queen in her in Alien 3. Although that still leaves the plot hole of why don't they just take Ripley, since that's what they really want anyway.

Even further, the fact that they see the Alien as a "good biological weapon" is a joke. The aliens are easily preventable once known about and would only be good for one use ever. Which even if you think, well that one use could wipe out a planet allowing it to be reclaimed, the alien is shown to only be dangerous in large populations. Meaning you might wipe out a planet, but you're going to be hardpressed to take it back, unless you nuke it! Which if you can nuke it, why the hell would you use a biological weapon!!!???!!!

A small squad of marines lays waste to a massive amount of them. Civilians defeated them multiple times without weapons or training and they are clearly too dangerous for storage.

I love the movies, but the 70's-80's fear of corporations doesn't translate well through the Aliens series.
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  3. WTF? How do they expect this to make sense? (Spoilers)

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