Have You Been Getting Owned As A Marine Lately?

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User Info: Diggy_J

4 years ago#1
or is it just me?

its funny, just a couple days ago it was the xenos who always got stomped but my how the tables have turned. now the alien teams are stomping the marine teams. maybe because everyone has most of the xeno unlocks by now

User Info: FaPaThY

4 years ago#2
Kind of. I usually don't do too terribly as a marine. Usually ~2 KDR, or around break even against a stacked team.

I definitely do much better overall as a Xeno though. In one of the TDMs earlier today, I went 17-0 as a Soldier, it was pretty sweet. It's funny how I see so many people and even reviews complain that marines have all the advantages. I guess more people got over the janky wall climbing controls and are more comfortable with the tactics.
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User Info: NoGaRdKniGht

4 years ago#3
I haven't really been getting owned as Marines. The tactical shotgun is invaluable because of the stun dart that can stop boilers in their tracks and quick follow up shots have netted me several triple, and even quad kills. My other weapon is either a pulse rifle or battle rifle with target finder if they're being particularly annoying with suicide bombing spitters, and the battle rifle takes them out very easily.

Marines only have an advantage at first because most will have more marine levels (and thus fun toys) from the campaign and experience from other FPSes carries over easily enough. Once you get over the initial curve, it evens out quite a bit.
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