Honestly, I can forgive almost everything in this game except one

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User Info: GTAfan421

4 years ago#11
PsyEd posted...
I'm glad ACM turned out this way...hopefully this guarantees that gearbox doesn't get to do more garbage down the track.

My feelings exactly. Hopefully the DLC doesn't sell.

Plus, if the rumor about misuse of funds is true, this just goes to show that DNF being how it was WAS partly the fault of Gearbox, as DNF had a lot of similar aspects to it, with half baked AI, poor checkpoints, the opposite problem with weapons (too few at a time with too many enemies not dropping any ammunition rather than too many), poor ports, cut content, and so on.

S***, at least in DNF we didn't have to fight human soldiers throughout more than half the game, in fact, I would go as far as to risk saying that DNF was less of a disappointment than this, as we all kind of knew deep down that DNF was going to be bad... but no one, at least no one I heard of, expected CM to be so bad. I thought this game was going to be great, but a lot of parts are dated garbage. The single player is a total unsalvageable mess, the story pretty much goes no where and hints at DLC or a sequel, and the AI on teammates alone is dated back to the earliest form of AI partners in games (and that's when it's working right lol, at least they cant go down). At least I had some guilty fun with DNF, with this I'm just totally annoyed, even with the multiplayer much of the time.

There's just no good reason to pay full price for this game (or, hell, even $30 bucks) when you have games like Crysis 3 coming out that are likely to blow it out of the water... by mid March, no one will be playing the multiplayer anyways, and considering that the MP is practically the only positive thing to be said about this for most players, I'd consider just skipping A:CM entirely.

IMO, Gearbox clearly doesn't look at any of their IP's with any kind of seriousness other than Borderlands at this point (unless I'm forgetting something). Notice we've heard nothing about Duke Begins still...

I trust Gearbox about as much as I trust a rabid gorilla after this stinker.
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User Info: Phange_2

4 years ago#12
No matter what happens, it will permanently damage their reputation as a developer for third party publishers.
Playstation Network: Phange

User Info: GigerSupreme

4 years ago#13
Nenina posted...
To my knowledge, they never claimed that the xenos would have several times the AI as F.E.A.R. 1. And I expected them to be kind of suicidal from videos of the demo. We're just not at that point yet in gaming AI breakthrough.

watch the 2010 demo with randy narrating.
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  3. Honestly, I can forgive almost everything in this game except one

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