Decided to redownload AvP 2010 after playing through A:CM

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User Info: KubeStick

4 years ago#21
i have windows 64 bit and recently found my old avp2 cds. i had zero issues installing the game and installing the screen ratio fix. now i'm scouring the interent for a no cd crack but i'm only finding sites that look sketchy.
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User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
4 years ago#22
julbull73 posted...
Phange 2 posted...
AvP 2 really is better in every way except graphics. Even AI. In fact, especially the AI.

I'd disagree. The alien AI is about the same. They still basically run at you.

However, the enemy pathing/scripting is phenomenally better. They placed the enemies and "scripted" them so as to appear to ambush you after crossing certain paths/markers in the game. They also "baited" you with a single scripted xenomorph to trigger the "ambush"

But once they are out, they still just run after you aimlessly. After you learn where they "appear" from, you can just kite to your hearts content in AVP2 same as A:CM. This was also the case in AVP.

Honestly, they should've stolen some of the bot AI from Left 4 dead. The bot SI in that game always ambush. Now are they great, not at all. But at least they don't just run at you stupidly, they actually work together somewhat.

The predator is pretty good AI wise however in AVP2.

Which is where I think this team went bad AI wise. Where as before previous developers used clever "tricks" to make you think the AI was smarter. This team made "most likely" a legitimately better AI, but then failed to use the tricks implemented in AVP1/2. If they had, I'd almost guarantee this game would be well recieved and rated as an alien game.

It still however would be a clunky slightly off balance FPS. But it would satisfy the fanbase it is aimed at. Alien(s) fans.


The AI in both Avp2000 and Avp2 were nothing special.

However, the Aliens were extremely fast and deadly, especially in Avp2000,where they can be across the screen to in your face in less than a second.
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  3. Decided to redownload AvP 2010 after playing through A:CM

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