Considerably more enjoyable on UBA

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User Info: some09guy II

some09guy II
4 years ago#1
Pretty much the topic. Still a pretty mediocre game, but UBA does force you to go through the game considerably slower. Aliens become a real threat and PMCs are actually capable of doing damage.

If this game hadn't been s*** out at the last minute with pieces cut up and thrown about, this may actually have been a pretty good title. Patch up some glitches, add in a lot of the missing dialogue, cutscenes and effects, allow use of classic weapons without any strings attached (a real pulse rifle, flamethrower and smartgun) and throw in some missing pieces which are the levels (2-3's doomed mission, the ending) and a lot of the issues would go away right there.
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User Info: FaPaThY

4 years ago#3
Not really. The AI in this game isn't good enough to force you to take it slow. I've seen videos of people running through levels and ignoring a lot of the combat, even on UBA, since all you have to do most of the time is hit the next checkpoint and any enemies following you from the previous section seem to stop following you or just plain disappear.

I beat UBA on my 2nd playthrough for the achievement and it was actually easier(and more boring) than my first playthrough on Hardened. This was taking it 'slow' and killing all the enemies along the way.

The difficulty, number and layout of enemies felt exactly the same across both difficulties and the AI was still dumb as bricks. Literally, the only noticeable difference between those difficulties is the lack of a HUD in UBA and all that made me do was check the weapon loadout wheel when I wanted to see how much ammo I had left.(Not that you'll be running out of ammo much, if at all, since it's everywhere, even in UBA, and you can just switch to one of your 5 other weapons for a bit to stock up on ammo for your main weapon.)
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User Info: Guirec730

4 years ago#4
I played my first time on UBA and didn't have any trouble until I got to the Queen.

Pretty much rocked all over everything.
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