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Woah, Bug Hunt is actually... Fun o_O

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  3. Woah, Bug Hunt is actually... Fun o_O

User Info: Cereburus Q

Cereburus Q
4 years ago#1
Also Hard. Quite hard.

User Info: teehee23

4 years ago#2
Very tough but we luv it and be sure to Capture the Beacons when you need to so the Threat Level decreases. You won't be able to complete the stage unless you capture them. The Xenos kept respawning endlessly for us today until another player pointed that out to me.

(just in case you didn't know)

After level 10 or so it practically takes an entire clip to bring down one Alien. :( so teamwork is a must. The stages are so well designed and there's just enough defensive support options to give you a chance.

Don't hate us because we're beautiful...

User Info: Cereburus Q

Cereburus Q
4 years ago#3
Oh we weren't having trouble with the Xenos. It was the soldiers that killed us most.

User Info: Exyll

4 years ago#4
We got to wave 20 when I was like 'p-fft this is cake' turns out we were on recruit...
We cranked it up to hardened...wiped on round 9.
But yes its loads- I'll be hosting tonight from 4:30 tonight and all weekend
add me Shrapnel from Steam

User Info: Exyll

4 years ago#5
Finishd Mercenary twice on hardened this weekend- almost 2hrs.
Me and the best Bug Hunt player I know got to wave 29 on BAM.
Couple of things about Bug Hunt I noticed:
One guy should hold the team's money
Stay in the start position for the first 5-6 waves: so easy and saves ammo, lives, time
You can make 6k before round 5 which will:
-get your power on
-hack the 1st door
-get you a sentry
-start the 1st supressor

From there you will camp and stay put for another 3-4 rounds.
The MAJOR problem with Bug Hunt is that people hoard their money- for what, I dont know...if you can get a group of TEAM-ORIENTED players, or a bunch of friends, or people with MICs, then you'll have a blast in BH.
However, if you get the 'lone wolf'; the non-english speaker, the noob or (my favorite) the douche who understands everything you say but is still gonna do things his way(Hudson-Style), then by all means- restart or reform- its better to have 2 or 3 like minded players than a full group with 'that dude' messing up all your best laid plans.

Also, dont waste ammo...for that matter, dont waste money on ammo. There are certain hidden threshholds in the game (ie- you dont want to be at the starter location and about to go into round 14) and if you dont hit them, well, chances of success drop. Being short of money (like our 'lone wolf', wasting $750 a pop to top off 2 clips he burned on 1 weapon) is the #1 way to make sure you wont progress and wont get all your supressors up before the last 5 waves kick in. And you WANT all 5 supressors up when the last 5 waves kick in

User Info: Exyll

4 years ago#6
Its better to fight until there are 1-2 more enemies on the wave and just die. Your mates will clean up the rest: you get a free rez, keep your 1k for progression and have full ammo again.
Dont try this solo- results may vary.
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  3. Woah, Bug Hunt is actually... Fun o_O

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