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User Info: Egocentrism

4 years ago#1
I can get this from Newegg for 15$ with free shipping with a special promotion they sent me, Is it worth it?

User Info: wEEman33_VI

4 years ago#2
Bug Hunt is the only mode in this game worth playing.

The normal multiplayer and the story mode blow.
Nothing is not

User Info: Trancer Hunter

Trancer Hunter
4 years ago#3
i haven't tried the bug hunt mode... but overall the game is a 10 dollar game at most i think.

I bought it for 45 and I WILL say it's not a unplayable game. I for sure feel cheated paying 45 for it.... I also will say if I paid even a dollar over 10 dollars i'd still feel cheated.
For 10 dollars i'd say it was a decent enough amateur attempt.
Those still around this board will disagree with me though.

User Info: PsyEd

4 years ago#4
No Wait for a steam version to go $5....paying anything more than that is too much.
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