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User Info: scotty6771

5 years ago#1
how do you view your current guild jobs. i got the first one and i can't see any inf. on it

User Info: Rune Caster

Rune Caster
5 years ago#2
Here is all the guild quest information

- Talk to a man at north then talk to a man near the inn to get Book Of The Proof Of Friendship and Crest Of Friendship. Later, go to the inn of Capua Torim to get Rainbow Bookmark. Go back to Mantaic and speak with the man near the inn for 3000 Gald (Guild Quest Part 1)

<After Getting Baul>
- In Dahngrest, enter the pub at the western part of the town. Speak with the right bartender and head to the inn to speak with Lianna. Exit out and go toward the lower right bridge. Go to Heliord and head down to the lower section to talk to a girl. Trade Tiny Bird Feather for the Ever Light Necklace. Report back to Lianna in the inn of Dahngrest (Guild Quest Part 2)

<After Fighting Alexei And Everyone Joins Back The Party>
- In Dahngrest, speak with someone by the east entrance. Head to the port in Capua Torim and talk to the man near Tokunaga. Go back to Dahngrest and head in the inn. Go to the last area of Mt Temza and check the east of the warp for Ever Light Ore. Report back to the man in Capua Torim for 5000 Gald (Guild Quest Part 3)

- In Dahngrest, talk to the right bartender in the west pub. Go to Zaphias and speak with LeBlanc by the fountain. Head in the inn and speak with the lady by the counter. Go to the Mansion Of The Wicked and head back to Dahngrest. Speak with the man near the east entrance. Go back to the Mansion Of The Wicked and go back to Zaphias. Go south toward the inn and speak with them. Pick the second choice and speak with LeBlanc by the fountain. Go report back to the bartender in Dahngrest for 6000 Gald (Guild Quest Part 4)

- In Dahngrest, talk to the right bartender in the west pub. Go to the Union HQ and speak with the two at the upper right corner. Head to Baction and after going down the ladders, head up to north. With the Sorcerer Ring Level 3, break through walls to make it to B2F. Head to the room that is west of the SE corner room. You will find the Scope then report back to the Union for 5500 Gald (Guild Quest Part 5)

<After Flynn Leaves The Party>
- In Dahngrest, you can meet with Dyne a bit north from the inn. Go toward the intersection in Mantaic and go to Mt Temza to fight the Giganto Monster. Go back to speak with Dyne near the Mantaic inn (Guild Quest Part 6)

<After Aurnion>
- In Mantaic, head in the inn then head to the inn of Dahngrest. Go to Namcot Island and speak eith the two at NW. Head to Aurnion and speak with Flynn in the Chevaliers HQ. Go to Zaphias and speak with the Guard by the Nobles Quarter. After, head into the castle and speak with Mimura in the jail area. Head to Capua Nor and toward the east. Go to the ghost ship for a quick fight and go north after entering Caer Bocram. Go to the Union jail area in Dahngrest and feed the man with Okonomiyaki recipe (Use Estelle to cook Fried Chicken And Fries repeatedly to unlock Scottish Egg then use Raven to cook Scottish Egg repeatedly to unlock Okonomiyaki recipe) to get the Note. Report back to the man in the inn of Mantaic (Guild Quest Part 7)

- In Dahngrest, head toward the central square area (Guild Quest Final Part)
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