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User Info: ManjiMidou

9 years ago#1
Will their ever be a tales game with a decent world map, don't get me wrong the game is beautiful but the world map looks lackluster once again...
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User Info: Imperial_Lyon

9 years ago#2
Err, what Tales game DID have a good world map in your opinion then?

To be honest, I was never immersed in the world maps; they always made me motion sick (after hours of monster searching or whatnot) because the graphics were unbearable (Tales of the Abyss had a good looking one sans the lag, but GBA ToP's, PSX ToD, PSX US ToD2/ToE, and Symphonia's looked pretty bad IMO).

I'm hoping this one will be easier on the eyes (hopefully they won't abuse the blooming effect either) and interesting. So far I've only seen grass fields, which is a standard of almost every JRPG stationed on a world remotely similar to Earth.

User Info: ManjiMidou

9 years ago#3
none of the Tales games have had a decent world map to date, I'm just saying it would had been nice if they worked a bit more on the world map....a game that comes to mind having a nice world map would be DQ8 and that's a last generation it's not like it couldn't be done. That being said...this small issue won't matter when the game is just that it would had been nice had they had worked on the WM.
My definition of an Asian buffet, is having Morning Musume all to myself......

User Info: Rpgmonkey

9 years ago#4
Destiny PS2 and Rebirth had nice world maps. Got the job done at least.

I'm not expecting much from this. Just good load times and a stable framerate is all I require, and that makes it an improvement over Symphonia's and definitely Abyss'.

I don't care much about world maps, just get me from point A to point B as smoothly as possible and I'm happy.

I'd rather have an actual free world like IU is doing or like FFX-XIII anyway to be honest instead of a world map.
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User Info: Porkinz

9 years ago#5
I like world maps :-/

some people may not like them, but it is better than the point and click world maps like Odin Sphere or FFT

Or no world map at all, like disgaea and FFX

FF8 had the best world map imo

User Info: ManjiMidou

9 years ago#6
:::looks at monkey's rpg list:::
Not interested in Tears to Tiara?

Yeah....ff8 had a good map but I hated that game...only good thing that game had was Quitis, Seifer and Selphie.
My definition of an Asian buffet, is having Morning Musume all to myself......

User Info: detty

9 years ago#7
FFX had a point and click world map. So did FFXII.

How exactly is FF8's world map "the best?" Seemed to be just like any other to me. FFIX had the only one that seemed to be worth anything to me, but that's because of the Chocobo hot&cold minigame.

User Info: ManjiMidou

9 years ago#8
Kartia had the best world map.
My definition of an Asian buffet, is having Morning Musume all to myself......

User Info: Phantasium

9 years ago#9
I didn't play much of Dragon Quest VIII, but I have to agree that from what I saw its map was godly. It made it feel more interesting and intricate making it "to-size" like that.

I think you just gave me incentive to start that game up again. Level 5 pulled a lot out of the PS2.
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User Info: FourSwordsLink

9 years ago#10
I liked ToP PSX/PSP's world map too, as well as Destiny Remake's and Rebirth's....
ToP's....not much on it, but it got the job done. And at least the Airbirds were nice to control...unlike some other pieces of **** transportation (I'm looking at you, Abyss.)
And although ToS: DotNW's is just point and click, it's a really nice looking world map. >_>
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