LOL Buying levels and gold?!!

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User Info: Sir_Burpalot21

9 years ago#1

iDOLM@ASTER outfits is one thing,
Soul Calibur SCIV CAS parts is another,
Ace Combat 6 skins is yet another thing,
but this.......this is just silly!!

LOL I understand them wanting to make as much money off of DLC as possible but I think there needs to be a limit somewhere.
They may be making money but it sure doesnt help their image.
Of course, Japan eats this stuff up (the costumes and skins anyways). Although Im not sure even a bunch of Japanese gamers would buy this. Highly doubt anyone in the US would buy into this either.

Whoever though of this is either a genius, or a manipulative and evil person.
Whoever buys levels, gold, skills, etc, is very pathetic and needs to find better outlets for their spending.

Still looking forward to this game though :)
This and Mercs2 shall be my latest purchases!
My wallet is gonna die!
"Jack Tretton, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America, says he is pleased to see so many unsold PS3s sitting on shelves." -IGN

User Info: damienw

9 years ago#2
Hi. Did you search hard? There's this topic at the top of the board already:
thats ironic when you keep quoting quality over quantity yet you play pokemon. what a joke-XeN0Cid3; PSN ID: DamienW, Gamertag: DamienRW

User Info: Sir_Burpalot21

9 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Marmba

9 years ago#4
"Hey, no need to be an ass. If you look hard the initial posts are only 5 minutes apart.
You probably posted your topic while I was typing mine. Yes, it took me that long to type my initial post, get over it. Not everything has to be done quickly, especially at night."

Seems like your the one being a "ass".
Gamer Tag: Halorand

User Info: DigiCloud

9 years ago#5
Actually id say damiens comment was more assish.

User Info: valkyrieslayer

9 years ago#6
=\ tales boards usually aren't the most friendly of places....well the Gamefaq ones anyway. Not to say that they don't have their nice moments.
Ooooo Rada, Rada~Shnitzel

User Info: Enix Belmont

Enix Belmont
9 years ago#7
Absolutely not, this is a GREAT thing.

They completely unnecessary and optional. Its nice for some people who want the option, but for the rest of us, we're not cheated out of content already on the disc like their other games.

User Info: Pegeta

9 years ago#8
lmao this is so funny I almost pissed myself. The length a company goes to make a buck.
"I'm an attention starved moron with nothing else better to do with my life."-Bulletboy013

User Info: Mystek23

9 years ago#9
When I heard about this I was pretty happy about it, I really like the idea and will probably use it :)
360 GT: Echelon23
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User Info: MonstaRasta13

9 years ago#10
It's more likely to "rope in" the impatient, and stupid people to waste their money.
PotD's owner of the Rusty Banana!
But always with <3 and love for all.
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