Heracles Puzzle Solution

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User Info: Naaglfar

8 years ago#1

Seeing as people are apparantly having problems with it, I'm going to go ahead and post this for all your copypasta needs.

1. Make sure you activate the Blastia console when you enter the room earlier in the map. If you msis it, when you enter the second time there is a ladder to the south you can sue to reach it (it's the raised one you might have seen the first time yu entered).

2. When you enter the room from the east in order to access the control room, the path is blocked by some gates. You have tod destroy the swtiches that correspond to each gate in order to get through. The first switch (white) you should be able to simply destroy with the Sorceror's Ring.

3. For the pink switch, go up the stairs near where you entered the room and go through the door to the right. There should be a block there, push/pull it into the gate room and push it off the edge onto the pink switch to destroy it.

4. For the next switch, descend the nearby ladder (it should be facing left) to the next level. Go left and climb the steps near the Blastia conveyor belt. As the blocks pass in front of you, you need to shoot the blocks off the conveyor onto the switch below to destroy it.

5. Descend the steps and keep going left. Go south, but don't descend the ladder; there should be another conveyor to your right. The green switch is destroyed the same way as the previous switch; shoot the blocks off the conveyor onto it.

6. There should be only one switch remaining. Go back to the eastern entranceand cross the bridge. THere should be anotherconsole; activate it to unlock the lift system. Go back to the same area where Step 5 was, and this time descend the ladder. Go to the lift console and send the lift to the Upper Floor (there should be a block on it, if there isn't, push the nearby one onto it). Now climb up to the upper floor and push the block off the top-left corner (the one closest to the wall) onto the switch. And you're done.

Sorry if this is too confusing, I'm doing this from memory. Feel free to add to it if it is.

User Info: Chinomi

8 years ago#2
Thank you very much!
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