how to play co-op?!

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User Info: NWsurfer

9 years ago#1
Sorry for the idiot question - I don't have the manual and want to play co-op but don't know how to select it.

I have both controllers plugged and profiles signed in - where in the h3ll do I seleck "co-op?"

User Info: SundarkSoldier

9 years ago#2
Go to the artes menu and change the second character to semi-auto or manual. Then put whoever you want to play as in the second spot.
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User Info: tjoeb123

9 years ago#3
To swith character slots, press down when in the main menu.

User Info: NWsurfer

9 years ago#4
Cool dude - thanks a ton! I owe you one.

"Now I know."
"And knowin' is half the battle - GIJOE!"

User Info: ruroken808

9 years ago#5
Can you only co-op with two or can you play with three other people?

User Info: RaidenGray

9 years ago#6
It says co-op 2 - 4 on the box. So you should be good to go with your best couch buds.
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  3. how to play co-op?!

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