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User Info: andmoc

9 years ago#1
-Base Artes:
Azure Edge (Wind, 5 TP)
Cerberus Strike (6 TP)
Fang Strike (7 TP)
Destruction Field (Fire, 12 TP)
Shining Fang (15 TP)
Tiger Blade (12 TP)
Ghost Wolf (14 TP)

-Arcane Artes
Azure Wolf Strike (18 TP)
Crushing Eagle (Earth, 15 TP)
Dragon Swarm (16 TP)
Severing Fang (18 TP)
Shining Eagle (16 TP)
Shining Dragon Swarm (25 TP)
Raging Blast (20 TP)
Brutal Fang (23 TP)
Wailing Havoc (22 TP)
Lone Wolf Charge (20 TP)
Final Gale (Wind, 30 TP)
Rending Wolf Charge (30 TP)

-Altered Artes (All are 100 uses to learn):
Azure Storm (Wind, 7 TP, Chain is skill)
Azure Blast (7 TP, Crucible is skill)
Cerberus Blast (11 TP, Alembic is skill)
Shining Fang Drop (14 TP, Athenor is skill)
Guardian Field (26 TP, Bastion is skill)
Pyre Havoc (Fire, 24 TP, Hell Fire is skill)
Lone Wolf Storm (Wind, 25 TP, Gale is skill)
Frigid Blast (Water, Wind, 35 TP, Great Deluge is skill)

-Burst Artes
Divine Wolf
Divine Wolf - Blaze (Fire, Hellfire/Chain are skills)
Divine Wolf - Crush (Earth, Athenor/Crucible are skills)
Divine Wolf - Storm (Wind, Gale, Alembic are skills)
Divine Wolf - Flood (Water, Great Deluge/Dispersion are skills)


- Base Artes
Sonic Dog (5 TP)
Crescent Fang (8 TP)
Punishing Fang (9 TP)
Thievery (7 TP)
Falling Leaf (5 TP)
Shadow Fang (11 TP)
Demon Dog (12 TP)
Gale Dog (14 TP)
Shining Dog (15 TP

- Arcane Artes
Sonic Return (13 TP)
Light Spear (14 TP)
Shadow Fang Punishment (18 TP)
Phantom Fang (Earth, 18 TP)
Hell Hound (Fire, 20 TP)
Demon Spear (Light, 17 TP)
Cyclone Shot (22 TP)
Hell Hound Return (Fire, 23 TP)
Shining Fang (28 TP)
Ghost Wolf (25 TP)

- Altered Artes
Lightning Dog (Fire, Wind, 8 TP, Hellfire/Gale are skills)
Demon Dog Rush (14 TP, Alembic is skill)
Sonic Fang (15 TP, Chain/Crucible are skills)
Victory Light Spear (Light, 18 TP, Athenor is skill)
Phantom Glacier (Wind, Water, 20 TP, Greate Deluge/Gale are skills)

- Burst Artes
Divine Dog
Divine Dog - Blaze (Fire)
Divine Dog - Tremble (Earth)
Divine Dog - Savage (Wind)
Divine Dog - Whirlpool (Water)

User Info: andmoc

9 years ago#2

-Base Artes
Pow Hammer (Light, 4 TP)
Star Stroke (5 TP)
Pierce Cluster (7 TP)
Cavalry (18 TP)
Dividing Edge (12 TP)
Marche Waltz (16 TP)

-Arcane Artes
Delight Roll (22 TP)
Ray Sting (Light, 10 TP)

-Altered Artes
Air Divide (15 TP, Alembic is skill) (Requires 100 uses of Dividing Edge to learn. The rest only require 50 uses of their specific skills)
Variable Hex (25 TP, Dispersion is skill)
Grand Chariot (Light, 32 TP, Chain is skill)
Revive (64 TP, Hellfire/Athenor are skills)
Regenerate (70 TP, Dispersion/Alembic are skills)
Nightingale (55 TP, Crucible is skill)
Holy Rain (Light, 65 TP, Great Deluge is skill)

-Burste Artes
Extreme Stars
Star Sign - Flame (Fire)
Star Sign - Geo (Earth)
Star Sign - Gale (Wind)
Star Sign - Aqua (Water)

-Novice Spells
First Aid (6 TP)
Recover (14 TP)
Sharpness (12 TP)
Barrier (15 TP)
Astion (16 TP)
Resist (20 TP)
Photon (Light, 26 TP)

-Intermediate Spells
Healing Circle (35 TP)
Resurrection (40 TP)
Dispel (38 TP)
Angel Ring (Light, 32 TP)
Nurse (42 TP)

-Advanced Spells
Holy Lance (Light, 48 TP)
Revitalize (80 TP)
Force Field (56 TP)
Resist Field


-Base Artes
Dragon Upper (6 TP)
Destroying Rock (Earth, 10 TP)
Nice Aid Smash (12 TP)
Destructo Pain Shot (12 TP)
Lightning Wave (Fire, Wind, 14 TP)
Nice Recovery Smash (18 TP)
Bug Breath (17 TP)
Punishing Smash (18 TP)
Gaia Bug (15 TP)
Destructo Spider Web (22 TP)
Havoc Break (15 TP)
Coil Beat (8 TP)
Roaring Revolution (18 TP)
Destructo Booing (22 TP)

-Arcane Artes
Hammer Flow Upper (18 TP)
Punishing Aid Smash (24 TP)
Reaper Knock (28 TP)
Punishing Beast Flash (Fire, 22 TP)
Roaring Dragon Blow (28 TP)
Devil Rage Rise (30 TP)
Rending Drop (32 TP)
Ultimate Divine Destruction (34 TP)

-Altered Artes
Destruction Street (Earth, 16 TP, Alembic is skill)
Nice Healing Smash (22 TP, Great Deluge is skill)
Nice Curing Smash (30 TP, Great Deluge/Crucible are skills)
Twin Punishing Smash (20 TP, Chain is skill)
Havoc Thunder (22 TP, Hellfire/Gale are skills)
Death Quake Spark (38 TP (Althenor is skill)

-Burst Artes
Ultra Punishing Swing
Ultra Punishing Heat
Ultra Punishing Crush
Ultra Punishing Typhoon
Ultra Punishing Soul
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User Info: Sinnthetic

9 years ago#3
It would be nice if you could put the levels you get them though.

Sticky anyone? :D
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User Info: andmoc

9 years ago#4

-Base Artes: (Hers are difficult to type, and I'm too lazy to find the symbol things XD)
Rudolf (10 TP)
Phi (12 TP)
Descartes (16 TP)

-Arcane Artes:
Laplace (20 TP)
Wallis (14 TP)
Ideal (20 TP)

-Altered Artes (All only take 50 uses of specific base arte)
Eruption (Fire, 18 TP, Cricible is skill)
Ivy Rush (Earth, 16 TP, Great Deluge is skill)
Demon's Lance (Darkness, 20 TP, Alembic is skill)
Aqua Laser (Water, 32 TP, Dispersion is skill)
Freeze Laser (Wind, Water, 28 TP, Gale/Chain are skills)
Riot Horn (Earth, 36 TP, Althenor is skill)
Gold Cat (Fire, Earth, 46 TP, Hellfire/Althenor are skills)
Flame Dragon (Fire, 30 TP, Alembic/Crucible are skills)
Bloody Howling (Darkness, 58 TP, Dispersion/Crucible are skills)
Thunder Blade (Fire, Wind, 68 TP, Hellfire/Gale are skills)

-Burst Artes
Mystic Drive
Raging Drive
Ruinous Drive
Fleeting Drive
Diffusional Drive

-Novice Spells
Fire Ball (Fire, 8 TP)
Stone Blast (Earth, 10 TP)
Champagne (Water, 14 TP)
Spread Zero (Darkness, 12 TP)

-Intermediate Spells
Splash (Water, 22 TP)
Stalagmite (Eath, 34 TP)
Tractor Beam (42 TP)
Negative Gate (Darkness, 46 TP)
Spiral Flare (Fire, 38 TP)

-Advanced Spells
Tidal Wave (Water, 72 TP)
Violent Pain (Darkness, 50 TP)
Blade Roll (54 TP)
Ground Dasher (Earth, 64 TP)
Crimson Flare (Fire, 62 TP)
Meteor Storm (76 TP)


-Base Artes
Rain (8 TP)
Bouquet (12 TP)
Serpent (Earth, 11 TP)
Glimmer of Heaven (15 TP)
Around (13 TP)
Love Shot (18 TP)
Dark Chase (16 TP)
Violet Snake (12 TP)

-Arcane Artes
Just Like Dancing (24 TP)
Cyan Instant (18 TP)
Heaven's Tear (18 TP)
Falling (28 TP)
Azure Heavens (23 TP)
Falling Stars (21 TP)
Crime (26 TP)
The Wind's Howl (Wind, 23 TP)

-Altered Artes: (All 100 uses to learn, except Inverno and Tempest which are 50, Stop Flow has 0.)
Rainsong (8 TP, Crucible is skill)
Rain Down (18 TP, Gale is skill)
Around and Around (15 TP, Chain is skill)
Rain of Heaven's Tears (20 TP, Gail/Chain are skills)
Falling Further (30 TP, Crucible/Athenor are skills)
The Growing World (18 TP, Dispersion is skill)
Inverno (Wind, Water, 34 TP, Great Deluge is skill)
Tempest (Fire, Wind, 52 TP, Hellfire/Crucible are skills)
Stop Flow (Hell Fire/Athenor are skills)

-Burst Artes
Fury Blast
Chaotic Fury
Garnet Chaos
Kamikaze Fury
Storm of Chaos

-Novice Spells
Wind Blade (Wind, 10 TP)

-Intermediate Spells
Arrivederci (Wind, 22 TP)
Havoc Gale (Wind, 40 TP)
Vanji Lost (Wind, 60 TP)
1-TOD (PS2) - By far the best Tales ever / 2 - TOA / 3-TOD2J / 4-TOS / 5-TOR / 6-TOE / 7-TOD(PS1) / 8-TOP / 9-TOL - By far the worst Tales ever

User Info: andmoc

9 years ago#5

-Base Artes
Crescent Moon (6 TP)
Luna Fang (8 TP)
Moonlight Havoc (7 TP)
New Moon Blade (11 TP)
Crescent Strike (12 TP)
Luna Rise (17 TP)
Moonlight Talon (9 TP)
Dawn Moon (10 TP)
Moonlight Blast (14 TP)
Luna Storm (Wind, 16 TP)
Piercing Moon (15 TP)

-Arcane Artes
Luna Gale (22 TP)
Luna Ascendant (20 TP)
Luna Rondo (23 TP)
Rising Moonlight Havoc (22 TP)
Moonbeam (24 TP)
Luna Crush (28 TP)
Thunder Moon Rising (Fire, Wind, 23 TP)
Luna Havoc (30 TP)
Sundering Moon (29 TP)
Moon Glare (36 TP)

-Altered Artes
Luna Talon (11 TP, Athenor is skill)
Moonlight Drop (12 TP, Chain is skill)
Raging Luna Storm (Wind, 19 TP, Gale is skill)
Rising Luna Rondo (26 TP, Dispersion is skill)
Thunder Moon (Fire, Wind, 21 TP, Hellfire/Gale are skills)
Luna Storm (Fire, Wind, 34 TP, Hellfire/Alembic are skills)

-Burst Artes
Ashen Moonlight
Conflagration Blast
Crushing Grave
Quasi Seal
Midnight Flood

Credits to PROCYON from http ://
1-TOD (PS2) - By far the best Tales ever / 2 - TOA / 3-TOD2J / 4-TOS / 5-TOR / 6-TOE / 7-TOD(PS1) / 8-TOP / 9-TOL - By far the worst Tales ever

User Info: Rickoshay

9 years ago#6
Where'd you get the items with Rita's Skill change skills?! I already beat the game and I didnt get a single skill change for Rita!
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User Info: crystalchaos

9 years ago#7
as useful as this is, without details on how to acquire the 'event driven' artes, I can't see this warranting a sticky

still, effort appreciated

User Info: andmoc

9 years ago#8
Well, i need help to complete the list with level acquired and other things.
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User Info: SuperAngelo128

9 years ago#9
Hey don't forget Mystic Artes!
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User Info: ZenithSynkos

9 years ago#10
How did you get estelles force field????
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