Deliver Book of Friendship (Finding Norbis)

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User Info: Pwnmenship

9 years ago#1
Does anyone know how to go about this the exact way? As well as where the other guild quests are located. Only other thread I saw related to this says "go to torrim inn" but I was under the impression that this guy can be in any town on the two continents so how do you go abotu tracking him exactly?

User Info: berkaletti

9 years ago#2
bump i need to know this as well
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User Info: Darkslayne

9 years ago#3
The first time you start the quest you need to visit Montaic and you will see the Union guy down by the lake.

He offers you a job and Yu is located near the eastern exit.

User Info: tRippin69

9 years ago#4
so the guy that is looking for the book is in the same town?
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User Info: fatdaddy100

9 years ago#5
I just did this sidequest so I'll try and help. I went back to Mantiac after like I was supposed to be heading to Nordipalica (when the Knights had blocked off paths through the mountains) and got a scene saying the Brave Vesperia should look for jobs from the Union. I then went to the back on the town, by the lake and talked to a guy there. He gave the name of a man, Yu, who had a job. Yu is also in Mantiac, by the East exit. I talked to him and got the book and was told to deliever it to Noblis.

Later I just happened to go to Torim Harbor and went in the inn. Noblis was there and recognized me. Hope that helps. ><

User Info: Pwnmenship

9 years ago#6
Well the problem is he isn't in Torrim, I don't think this is missable though but I think the guy might be in a random list of locations and wanted to know if anyone knew. I'm at the point where I've met 4 spirits. I'll just check back periodically.
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