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User Info: D3thica

8 years ago#1

I had made a post earlier about trying to get the twins to spawn in Zaude but they hadn't. I went back to get the Fire Lily and just got that now (pretty late in the game). I thought someone said you had to get the Tiger Lily and then go to Mt. Temza for a scene with Raven. I also though I remembered someone saying that you needed the Mother's Memento also, however I don't have this item! I went back and looked through a walk through and it said

"Speak with all of them, then approach the inn. Estelle chooses to leave your
group but you will, naturally, tag along anyway. Judith will earn the
"Trophy Wife" title after this scene. Rest at the inn and you will receive:
Adventurer's, Barrel, Chic, Expensive, Kid's, Plain, and Stylish Canteen from
the innkeeper. Stay the night again and after a scene where another blastia
ends up getting destroyed, Judith learns the "Moonlight Talon" arte. Rest
one more time and Estelle will give you her Mother's Memento by the oasis."
(this of course being in Mantiac).

Another question is I never learned Shining Eagle in Nordopolica, I tried to go back and stay at the inn like the walkthrough said but it seems I have just missed out on that arte.ANYWAY - to clarify, Do I need the Mother's Memento and if so can I still get it at this point in the game (I just defeated the Adapahgoes attacking Nordipolica). And secondly is just a comment about the shining eagle arte - it seems to me like I have just "missed out on it", if that's the case with that and/or the Mother's memento then :cry: I guess that's more incentive to play through it again. Thanks in advance guys...

User Info: Fayt_Esteed

8 years ago#2
Um, that's when you first get to Mantaic.
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User Info: concertofwokkie

8 years ago#3
You are past the place you need Mother's memento. It's needed for Secret Mission 16 against


Estelle in the solo fight with Yuri

End Spoilers

And to learn the shining eagle you must have done the following steps before your first trip to Nordipolica. Sleep at Torim inn for scene then go to Zaphais' noble quarter and see a scene with Clay's brother afterwards talk to lady on bench in public quarter to learn Tiger Blade. Then you can learn Shining eagle at Nordipolica
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User Info: trismegistus7

8 years ago#4
Mother's Memento was supposed to be obtained a LONG time ago, during your first visit to Mantaic. Rest at the inn a few times to get the scene. It was supposed to be used for Secret Mission 16:

Used item "Mother's Memento".

User Info: Elec Man EXE

Elec Man EXE
8 years ago#5
I don't see why you'd need the Mother's Momento. It has absolutely nothing to do with Gauche and Droite. The sidequests aren't connected. As others have mentioned, the Mother's Momento is an item that you use for the Secret Mission for the solo battle vs Estelle in Zaphias.

This is what the sidequest guide says about the whole Gauche and Droite battle thing. That should be all that's nessicary.

<< Leviathan's Claw Invitation Side Quest >> <SQ32>
This side quest gets you an amazing bow for Raven information into the
background of Raven, Yeager, Gauche and Droite as well as enhanced loot
from the 100-man melee in Nordopolica.

** After Getting Ba'ul ** (Part 1)
- Near the western exit in Ehmead Hill is a small clearing. If you
head there you'll get a scene and receive the Fire Lilly.

** After you Rescue Estelle ** (Part 2)
- Head to Mt. Temza for a scene. You'll lose the Fire Lily and get a

** After Everyone Rejoins you in Part 3 ** (Part 3)
- Head to Capua Torim for a scene with Gauche and Droite. Afterwards
you can find them where you defeated Yeager. You can fight them there
to receive the Leviathan's Claw Invitation and a weapon for Raven, his
Divine Cannon in exchange for the Compact.

As for Shining Eagle... it is missable, yes. However, its not lost to you forever. If you mess up the quest to get it, you can still get it by beating the 100 Man Melee with Yuri.
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User Info: D3thica

8 years ago#6
Fayt_Esteed posted...
Um, that's when you first get to Mantaic.
"Here I go! Divine judgment for an evil soul! Sacred Penance! Rest in peace." - Estellise Sidos Heurassein, Tales of Vesperia

OH REALLY? I DIDN'T KNOW THAT.... *end sarcasim*

User Info: D3thica

8 years ago#7
if you'll notice I wrote (in mantioc in italisized font)
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