Best 4 characters to use?

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User Info: Haseo150

8 years ago#21
-Estelle ( or Raven sometimes )
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User Info: blazenwhiper

8 years ago#22
i normally go with Yuri + Estelle + Rita + Judith(or Repede if Judith is Gone from the story)

User Info: miyuki308

8 years ago#23
To that I raise you Yuri's combos on bosses and Estelle's Eternal Support + Force Field.

If you get directly hit with Zaude boss's hi-ougi in Unknown, the only two characters known to be able to survive it without using any artes/OL4 is Karol and Estelle. (And it's only _sometimes_ that Estelle survives it. Karol's survivability for that is 100%.)
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User Info: miyuki308

8 years ago#24
Anyways, contributing to the topic:

Yuri, Repede, Karol, Raven.

Yuri - Combo.
Repede - Item user (without usage delay) that can outrun anything.
Karol - Pretty hard to kill him off + instant 50% heal.
Raven - Time stop + secondary heal.
Hikyou Sentai Urotanda-
Nico: sm1639267 / YT: EvdF5kdgVXw

User Info: harmonixer2000

8 years ago#25

Yuri, Rita, Raven and Estelle.

I don't use Judith because as others had said, she's a soloer and does not contribute well to the party. Repede is good for his items usage but I never found much problems that Raven and Estelle couldn't heal through. I used Karol in replace of Estelle once in awhile but I got so used to having a primary healer character in my party from other jrpgs that I had to have Estelle no matter what despite her poor AI.

And I disagree about Raven having the lowest damage output. His spells can be useful and damaging when paired with Rita. The two of them make a really good team. On my third playthrough against the final boss second form, I controlled Yuri for the sake of the SM. All I did was just stand there in amazement when Rita, Raven and Estelle were unleashing spells after spells on the boss till he died and he did not even lay a single finger on my team. They were making about 100+ combos before Raven went and break it with his constant Time Stop. It was an amazing battle, despite me having to restart the game for the SM.

User Info: StrikeNinja24

8 years ago#26
"To that I raise you Yuri's combos on bosses and Estelle's Eternal Support + Force Field."

Hope you are really good at keeping the combo going then, because on unknown, Yuri's terrible defense means he is going to die a lot. As for Estelle's gimmick or glitch or whatever you want to call it (which I think takes the fun out of battle if there is no danger in losing), good luck getting it to hit before a boss' attack kills her again and again.
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User Info: tinymon

8 years ago#27
I recycle through all the characters pretty frequently. o_o;;

However, my best party is probably- Yuri, Rita, Judith, Raven

Karol hasn't gotten his uber healing spell yet... but I still end up using him often because he still heals better than Estelle, and Nice Recovery Smash is extremely useful against annoying bosses.

If I'm not using Judith, I'm using Repede.

I use Estelle for battles where I need two healers, and Rita rarely leaves my party because she's amazing. If I ever get into a tight spot in battle, I can whip out O.L. + Tidal Wave to stall for time while everyone else gets back up on their feet.

User Info: Gaetele

8 years ago#28
I'm partial to Repede (usually controlled by me), Estelle, Rita and Yuri.
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User Info: Boomerang78

8 years ago#29
My Party is

Yuri, Estelle, Rita, Raven

Yuri is controlled by me. During bosses, I sometimes do infinite combos (Traitor To Heaven on Unknown mode for instance) on bosses.

Estelle I have her strategy set up so she isn't an idiot. Nightingale is awesome.

Rita, well she's obvious. High damage output, Tidal Wave and Meteor Storm.

Raven's Tempest and Time Stop are great spells, and Love Shot is GREAT.
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User Info: Nikar2

8 years ago#30
yuri + rita + estelle + raven = ultimate party

of course, you can replace yuri with judith, but like others say, judith is more for solo runs, meaning you use her the entire game against all enemies and bosses and set all other 3 to Defend.
Judith air combos add 3000+ hours of replay value into Tales of Vesperia!
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