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User Info: Rosencaster92

8 years ago#1
I have a dubt about this.

I'm enter in the Crag of Phaeroh and then in the portal (but I don't know if this is before or after Zaude) and I speak with the sage. Twise.

At second time I sleep in his house, and then I leave.

Now, for unlock the dungeon, the guide of side quest tell this:

"<< The Post Game Dungeon Side Quest >> <SQ37>
Required to open the EX Dungeon, something that you should think about
if you even considering playing after defeating the final boss.

** The Crag of Phaeroh ** (Part 1)
- Head to the Crag of Phaeorh. Where you spoke with Phaeorh there will
be strange portal thingy. Go near it for a scene. You'll end up in
Yormgen again. Head to the Sage's house and speak with the sage. This
is the first part to open the EX Dungeon after the game is finished and
needs to be done before finishing Zaude.

** After Beating the Game ** (Part 2)
- In Crag of Phaeroh, get near the weird portal thing. This portal
will take you to Yormgen. Speak with the sage once more and then
leave. Head to Dahngrest and enter there and an earthquake will occur.
If you leave and head west to Yurozea you'll notice the big mountain
range in the middle has just been demolished. Well there's the EX
Dungeon, enjoy. You need 15 Fake Gald, obtained randomly from
bosses/chests in that dungeon, to face the final boss in there: The
Traitor to Heaven. After beating him you'll get the last invitation
and be able to unlock the 200-man melee provided you've beaten the 100-
man melee with at least 3 people."

But I don't understand the second part. "After beating the game", but after beating the game I can't start a New Game? I'm forced to stay in my first game?

User Info: Rosencaster92

8 years ago#2
Sorry for the bad language, I'm still not very good with English :O

User Info: LightOfJudgment

8 years ago#3
You can reload your file after you save at the very end (after beating the final boss).
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User Info: Join_the_SCC

8 years ago#4
after you beat the game you can reload the file and it'll take you back on your last save (which should be before the stairs to where the final boss is)

then you can continue what the guide says. If you do a New Game + and use your finished save as the basis for the next playthrough, dont save over your finished file.
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User Info: Rosencaster92

8 years ago#5
And I can't unlock it in ex new game? After the battle with final boss the option is twice: Ex New Game and Continue. For Unlock the dungeon I must to choose Continue? If I choose Ex New Game the dungeon not unlock itself?

User Info: Rosencaster92

8 years ago#6
ops, I'm slow XD

So if I understood I must to finish the game, reload, do what the guide say, and re-finish the game, then I can start Ex New Game with this dungeon?

User Info: GTRagnarok

8 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: GTRagnarok

8 years ago#8
Let's start over. You beat the game by beating the final boss. You're asked to save a CLEAR file which has a star next to it.

From here, you can do two things:

1. Choose continue. You load that clear save. You appear before the final boss. You can go unlock the EX Dungeon and do whatever else, such as Grade Farming. Any save you do while playing will have the star.

2. At ANY time, you can choose EX New Game from the main menu and choose a clear save. This starts a new game with which you can use your Grade to buy various benefits.
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User Info: Rosencaster92

8 years ago#9
Oh, thanks, now I get it.

And I can Unlock the dungeon even in Ex New Game? I would explore it with exp plus & co.

Anyway, for not start a new topic, I ask here: For complete the Collector's Book, I have to unlock every details of theme? For exaple "Item drop by --- ???"

And for unlock that detail I just have to use a magic lens on a monster?

User Info: Rosencaster92

8 years ago#10
The guide of collector's book also says that I must open all the chests. It's true? O_o for 1000 items? O_o
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