Kowz side quest please help

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User Info: TylersTime

5 years ago#1
So I started this side quest and have no clue where to go I tried checking the walk through but it didn't help much :( can anyone help out on the locations?

User Info: gildedtalon

5 years ago#2
location of what? please be specific, the location of kowz(the person) or the location of where to get the items he wants?

User Info: Keltset

5 years ago#3
For the sake of simplicity, the Kowz for the sidequest is behind the Inn in Mantaic. To the immediate right of the door is an area that is originally blocked off by a sawhorse but the sawhorse is removed after you help out the town. You just travel north into that area and you'll find the Kowz.

User Info: Darkness3389

5 years ago#4
Yeah he's right behind the Inn in Mantiac. You'll have to bring him different items and he'll always give you something back. Use ridalnae_drache walk-through. He details all of the sidequests and when they are first available as well as what you need to do to complete them.
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  3. Kowz side quest please help

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