decompiled FEZ.exe and found a heart room secret

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User Info: Seseru

4 years ago#181
After reading this topic, I decided to re-finish the game and get to where everyone is at. I noticed a couple of things in the heart room, and just outside.

1) In the heart room, if you fall beneath the entrance, you'll notice there are invisible walls and grounds in the water. Looking in first person view while standing on these and then looking beneath you shows that there is no ground. You can also see dots underwater and when shifting, they light up in a certain order. I don't know if these mean anything.

2) Both inside the heart and outside, the bottom couple steps has a shadow casted on it, but no where else. I don't know if this means anything

3) ...might be a glitch. But you can fall through floors when you're in the background. This is how you do it. First, find a large object with platforms on it and stand in front of the large object. Then shift the camera twice. You should be behind that object. Now jump up to a platform that is behind the object. From here, walk off the edge and walk from the edge of the large object, to the other edge. Behind some objects, you'll fall in the same place each time (which is the interesting part) Whats weird is that in the heart room, where you fall is correct, but everywhere else it doesn't make sense >.>

I'm sure that all I have said is useless xD

User Info: teamspacesquid

4 years ago#182
Hey guys, if you enter the heart code on the xbox vers. you could prevent the save files from being corrupted by going to xbox home as soon as it "reboots". You'll have to do this quickly, though. Hope this works!

User Info: Vendek

4 years ago#183
great game.
ah seseru, it appears you beat me to the punch on your point #1...

however, other things i've noticed that might merit a brief thought are:

- i'm not a coder but is it possible that anything that changes after the heart dissolution is triggered not by the variable itself but by a the effects of completing that? for example you could have a script that checked if the fountain in the heart room was missing instead, so that if someone were to look into the code they would not immediately find the answer by simply searching for the most likely variable..
it's possible polytron knew that people would eventually get frustrated enough to decompile the code and took some measures to obfusticate the code

- i'm sure the heart pieces have some sort of identifier, would it not be easier to search through the code for these and see if they're mentioned anywhere else apart from where we would expect?

- for all we know the solution could be something like setting your system time to fish's bday while standing in a certain place, unless this has been ruled out by the forays into the backend?

- the reflection in the water in the heart room is dramatically different to the above water version, i'm not sure this is relevant though. additionally the small dots in the reflection trace out a heart shape, though i'm uncertain if this was present before destroying the heart

- spectograms can often be quite difficult to find as there are quite a few variables which could make any images unrecognisable; logarithmic or linear scaling, frequency range, mono or stereo etc.

having completed the game not long ago i'm pretty disappointed with the anticlimactic end tbh, i'm really hoping there is just a little bit more...
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