The soundtrack image code... more pondering.

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User Info: CyanFall

4 years ago#1
Given that it's still unsolved, thought I'd take another crack at it. Jump in if you've got any ideas.

I think there's more to some of the images than the surface. Some buried clues here.

Minus sign = negative = UN
Locke = LOCK

therefore, UNLOCK

The symbol thought to be a P or W might simply be one of the heart cubes, represented in 2D.


footprint = step?


Then it gets trickier. Masonic Truman painting, with a bit of research, relates to the number 33. In addition, a primary symbol of Masonry is a Compass (with a track of the same name) and square (the game is MADE of squares).

The next symbol seems simply to be an angle - a 60 degree open angle, like an unfinished equilateral triangle. pointing down, but notice also that the hexagon is tilted to the left, compared to the others. Why? Is this a clue? A button combo? left-down or down-left?

the apple falling = gravity = newton. Maybe signifying you need to fall at some point?

6 in D'ni, but also: relating to Riven, Myst? (someone mentioned a 'mist' at the far bottom of a platform, if you jumped off) also: 10 in Fez-ese.

numbers: 450, 120. Angles again?

years representing the space age. track is spirit, is this... opportunity? mars?

The smiley seems like it could be "curved" morse code. dot dash dot = R. Track is 'Memory' - so Memory R? R-memory? Remember? Rotate?

prime numbers = simply, 'Prime'? They're divisible only by 1, and you need to stand on the '1' square to enter the monolith heart code.

Dali's hypercube - well, we have a hypercube in the game.

Next is a bit odd - Escher's eye with a skull, enclosed in a pentagon instead of a hexagon. I wonder if this is significant. Does it relate to the 5-ring concentric square and the skull artifact? Or are you supposed to do something 5 times with the skull artifact?

Reflection: the most blurred of the images; appears to be a horizon line. Like where water meets the sky.

last: Love = Rover, prisoner, Number 6 (again) and...Village. Are you supposed to do something there, maybe on the top square where you meet the giant cube? (the 1-square)?

also thought of something. Heart shapes are typically vertically symmetrical. If you took the curved smiley from Memory, mirrored it, mirrored it again and then put it on the open angle... you'd get a heart shape. Probably nothing but...

User Info: ToiletSnakes

4 years ago#2
Love soundtrack code corresponds to episode 13 of the show Prisoner.
This is significant because it ties in with the book Godel Escher (there is a escher image too) Bach: The Eternal Golden Braid.

The 3d object on the cover of the image projects the letters G E B on its X Y and Z axis. Much like Fez. Also the number sequence for the now discovered monolith code is found in that book. The number series is a meta-Fibonacci sequence. This same number can also be derived from the harmonic series, or music.

This is interesting because there is this..theory. that the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet can be created by shining a light on a spiral inside of a torus. The remaining shadows can be rotated to create all letters of the alphabet. Freemason legend sorta goes into this with some weird s*** about King Solomon using this 'technology' to learn the name of God and therefore control reality with Gematria, the Free masons are the descendants of this and were behing the moon landing and aliens and there's a monolith on marts and and and. ANYWAYS the guy that discovered the Hebrew letters thing was watching episode 13 of the Prisoner which just so happens to be the soundtrack image for Love.

Theres also the boiler room with XYZ and the alien head.

I have more on this if anyone's interested. 360 forums are kinda dead lol

User Info: Dimonium

4 years ago#3
ToiletSnakes posted...
I have more on this if anyone's interested. 360 forums are kinda dead lol

Go on, it's quite interesting

User Info: ToiletSnakes

4 years ago#4
Dimonium posted...
ToiletSnakes posted...
I have more on this if anyone's interested. 360 forums are kinda dead lol

Go on, it's quite interesting
There is my reddit thing.
(there is some cussing so sorry about that)

here is another link about the hebrew letters
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