The last puzzle (heart disintegration discussion)

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User Info: EnigmaKush

4 years ago#1
Now that the black monolith is solved (I'm personally convinced the release date is the intended solution), I figured we could apply similar logic to discovering the heart room's secret. Unlike the monolith code, the heart disintegration codes are RT/LT only. To me, this means it could be something similar to the observatory heart piece, in that it's some sort of binary rhythm. As a drummer snare rudiments immediately stuck out to me, as the first code nearly resembles a paradiddle.

Anyway, it's possible that these codes weren't intended to be found ingame, hence the "breaking the developer's heart". But in the case that they are, they would have to relate to something rhythmic, and beyond that these two individual rhythms need to somehow correspond to the letters and numbers cube individually.

I know I haven't provided any real speculation on obtaining the codes, but these ideas are all pretty fresh to me. It'd be nice to have this game completely figured out.

User Info: Dimonium

4 years ago#2
Couple of thoughts and observations:
This puzzle opens when you reach New Game++ mode and able to recieve Red\Cyan anaglyph glasses. Letters cube is red and Numbers cube is cyan. I think there must be some connection. For example something visible only through red and only through cyan glass which gives you idea which cube to use. And again these dots under water - when you look through different glasses you see different patterns but that's all.

User Info: F8Sean

4 years ago#3
We still don't know what the numbers in the classroom are for, or what we're supposed to get out of the soundtrack images.

User Info: Saelinds

4 years ago#4
Well, if it's about rhytm, maybe it has something to do with the drum that Gomez plays at the end of the game?
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User Info: Bandreus

4 years ago#5
The fun thing is the observatory puzzle wasn't originally intended to be about rithm or anything like that.

It just happens the code they chose could be found by pressing the triggers as the blinking went. Renaud confirmed this at some point.
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