dang....what happened here?

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User Info: BigTee66

3 years ago#1
The sudden surge of popularity and now it quickly died off.
"Yes thats enigmatic, are you he? You're a pimp!"
- Virtual Hydlide

User Info: _User___Name_

3 years ago#2
Gamefaqs mods made a topic threatening to ban people who continued their act and they stopped.

User Info: Correy

3 years ago#3
Refer to the sig.
RPGs are not the same anymore. :(
First rule of Cory in the House, you don't talk about Cory in the House.

User Info: ColtCababa

3 years ago#4
I'm going to seize this once you all abandon it, and you'll secretly become my slaves.
3DS FC: 2964-8611-5412

User Info: SMAP-

3 years ago#5
Correy posted...
Refer to the sig.

RPGs aren't the same anymore?
i wiped my butt with my hand because i thought it felt good then i'd wipe it on the toilet paper and i would wash my hands off with no soap -xX_PaulBlart_Xx

User Info: DatFireHawk

3 years ago#6
This game is so bad it's fun
So Much Things To Stress About... So Little Time To Stress About Them.

User Info: Heidi_Hinata

3 years ago#7
The hype died.

User Info: Alsax

3 years ago#8
I think GameFAQs mods seriously need to get a life outside GameFAQs.
There is no knowledge that is not power.
PSN: Catalyst85 XBL: Alsaxtwo Steam: Catalyst85 NNID: TheEnigma

User Info: dacheatcode

2 years ago#9
the fact that the mods seriously didn't want a few people joking on a dead board is seriously funny to me

Oh no! Not our beloved Cory in the House board! Imab7u!
*Facts all come with points of view,
Facts don't do what I want them to.

User Info: DN-boards1

2 years ago#10
redditors invaded.
I'm Darth Nightmaricus. I'm autistic. http://gamefaqs4.freeforums.net/
Defender of those who are often hated, and also bumper of topics about to be purged.
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