Its a piece of crap...

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User Info: iamrob7

8 years ago#1

Just to clarify, it is a piece of crap folks, accept it and move on.

Life is simple...piece of crap...move on.... no no...stop might be ok...storyline will carry it....its atmospheric no no....its a piece of crap....say it with me....piece of crap...there don't you feel better?

Don't get caught up in debating the pros and cons....just say out loud...piece of crap...and move on with your life...there are better FPS you probably haven't played that game out in 1995.

User Info: Darkbart

8 years ago#2
Don´t exaggerate, i´m pretty sure that this game is allot better than games in 1995.
The story is cool, (except the girl because it really didn´t make any sense)
This can´t compete with today´s games but it is allot better than many games that i play.
I am alive

User Info: cold_order

8 years ago#3

PLZ help . when i run game i have black screen & windows Loading Loading Loading it's still loading . s**t & itdoesn't enter to game . any one told me what is that...................

User Info: Sam_2006

8 years ago#4
I totally agree, this game is a stain of s*** on the gaming industry. Shame on them.
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  3. Its a piece of crap...

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