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User Info: J25nadroj2042

8 years ago#1
Simulation League Baseball is here!!!

We have been working on this since thanksgiving to be ready for the start of the season, and decided to set this day as the day to open the league and start getting GM's.

from the "what is SLB?" page on the website
[QUOTE]Welcome to Simulation League Baseball and thanks for stopping by.

Ever dreamed of becoming the next Brian Cashman or Theo Epstein?

With SLB, you get the chance to take complete control of a major league team and try to lead them to ultimate goal, a World Series title. You will be able to take charge of all aspects of your franchise. From making trades and signing free agents to deciding when to call up that top prospect who has been tearing up the minors, there is always a move to be made. your team up in a couple years.

SLB is a brand new simulation league for 2009. Even though it’s a new league, the creators have a lot of history with running mogul leagues. SLB is a product of the simulation league BBFTG which ran on [url][/url]. BBFTG started in 2006, and ran for three seasons. It was successful and exciting at times, but ended do to a decrease in activity. Having to use baseball-fever as our home for our league, we weren’t able to use forums and sub forums, we just had to use individual threads, and it got way out of hand. One of SLB’s goals, is to keep the game fun and organized. By running our own forum and website, we will also be able to make any changes to the forum as we go along, so we won’t have posts in the wrong places.

Unlike some sim leagues that move quickly and pass through seasons every other month, SLB sims in real-time with one game being played on each day. Yes, that means there will be no baseball during the winter months; but the SLB will still be busy during the off-season with events such as free agency and the first year player draft, with real MLB prospects. One thing that we did in BBFTG, that we pride ourself with, and are taking this aspect over to SLB, is that our league, unlike most baseball sim leagues, has no fake prospects, they are all real prospects, real living people. This is a great feature that Josh spends a lot of time on each season. The BBFTG was set up this way, and we felt it added an interesting dimension to the league, absent from other leagues. It also allows GM’s much more time to be able to work out transactions with other teams, and not have to rush to get it done before the next simulation of a month or two.

Good Luck and have fun!

Jordan, Josh, and Steve (the Admins of SLB)


Check out the site, click on all the pages, then fill out the gm application.

You can sign up on the forums if you would like -sign up as w/e your name, username, doesn't matter. Once we sent you the team proposal, and you fill that out, we will edit your name on the forums to reflect the team name you've picked.
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