Why a panda?

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User Info: Tra_Buch88

9 years ago#1
Why not something original? Like a platypus. Kung Fu Platypus > Kung Fu Panda. Panda's are so cliche.

User Info: Dejanji

9 years ago#2
True, but in the sense that panda's can't go any further then death panda
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User Info: silverpat

9 years ago#3
Kung Fu Creamsicle. Its not even an animal.

User Info: SWGTL

9 years ago#4
Pandas are Chinese... So there.
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User Info: included2000

9 years ago#5
because Panda is so lazy. Only Eat and Eat ;)
do you realize, the name of PO Panda Character is identical with POoh DISNEY

User Info: Anderjak

9 years ago#6
Po is German for "Butt," isn't it?
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