How's the romance/marriage in this game? (Uh... possibly spoilers)

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  3. How's the romance/marriage in this game? (Uh... possibly spoilers)

User Info: AzuFurusawa

7 years ago#1
Since the rest of the game does not look all that interesting, I was wondering if that part was at least somewhat fine? I couldn't find any video, so I'm sorta curious how it happens.

Is it basically like most of the HM games and clones, where you fulfill the requirement, then get a short scene and then nothing else ever happens? Or do you get some build-up and stuff?

User Info: CrazyandLazy

7 years ago#2
No. It's not like HM but it is just as entertaining I must say. I recommend you get it.

Basically what happens is you start out with nothing. Then as you progress you get more varieties of seeds/produce and animals. Events occur when you cook dishes and bring it over to other neighbor's house. There is no courting or so I think since you need to have a certain amount of sheep to marry girls. The highest being 25 sheeps for Clara. Right now I'm trying to get that. There is also a girl called Elizabeth that is so high and mighty that the Mayor refuses to let you try for her. He says you and her are worlds apart >_>".

I haven't upgraded to the 2nd House expansion so I dunno. If she's still unattainable after the upgrade there must be something you have to do. Since there's no guides and everything is new, I would give it a 7.5/10 overall. Really neat. Had me glued for a good 3-4 hours straight on a Sat afternoon and that hasn't happened in a year or so.

User Info: Dogsrule53

7 years ago#3
Crazy... I got this game, but, have not played it that much yet. Good to hear you like it, though.
I think I will try and put some time into playing it. I like games like this and HM.
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User Info: Glaurung_Blood

7 years ago#4
I got married with the first one that I could, I have a feeling this game won't last much, so there was no need to bother getting the most expensive brides.

One or two years after you marry (I cant remember), you get a baby (mine was a girl), then the game get as boring as harvest moon, but harvest moon lasts longer.

Oh, and Elizabeth actually is the easier to marry, just let your food drop to zero. The first time she'll show over and give you 20 food, the second time she will appear again and give you another 20 food, the third time she'll appear and force you to marry her (even if you're already married), and it's game over.

User Info: CrazyandLazy

7 years ago#5
So basically Elizabeth is unattainable without getting a game over?

I already upgraded everything. She's still "worlds apart" according to the mayor.

User Info: flametakuya

7 years ago#6
...Oh wow, so in reality the supposed most expensive girl is actually the cheapest you can get, and also the bad ending?

I'm in like year 11, still not married. :/ Trying to get me sheep to marry Clara
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User Info: CrazyandLazy

7 years ago#7
Yeah me too. 25 sheep is a lot. The dog won't do anything and they keep running away. Sometimes the offsprings will jump out of the barn for some reason and die. When winter comes I tend not to press L near the barn animals or they keep dying >_>"

User Info: lunamoon7

7 years ago#8

Elizabeth forces you to marry her even if you are an girl?

User Info: NessEggman

7 years ago#9
Elizabeth forces you to marry her even if you are an girl?

No, if you drop any of your three survival parameters to 0 once while playing as a girl, Elizabeth does not even appear to help you. Mr. Newman complains about having to make Otto chicken (or something weird like that) and you get kicked out of the village and it is game over.

And in addition to that, making bed covers is harder than just getting sheep, so I guess that would make playing as a girl a little more difficult. You game over from one starvation mistake (instead of playing as boy where you can make up to 7 before game over) and marriage is more difficult.

This is made up for by the fact that husbands are more useful than wifes in the game.
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User Info: x_BeezyInfo_x

7 years ago#10
This game will go one for years and years... You can upgrade your house 3 times i think. It starts to get hard when you have more land and WAY more animals. Its not bad at all. It keeps me playing...
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  3. How's the romance/marriage in this game? (Uh... possibly spoilers)

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