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User Info: ErkiB

9 years ago#1
are some facts you should know about this box before purchasing it.
Some questions that some people have asked me about this boxset now I will fully reply.

Someone asked me....
*What games does it contain? Answer:It contains Smackdown vs Raw, Smackdown vs RAW 2006 and Smackdown vs RAW 2007.

*Does this box contain 08? Answer:No,It Doesnt

*Are these three all original games? Answer:Yes,They are

*Is it cheaper to buy the boxset or seperate? Answer:If you want to buy all of these three games then,Ofcourse it is cheaper than to buy it seperate.

*If I have never played WWE games before should I buy this? Answer:Well it depends on what you think,I dont really suggest buying the whole boxset if you havnt even played one of the game but even if you buy it you can always return it to the store and get another game.

*Where can I buy this Boxset? Answer:It hasnt come to all over Europe yet but it should be everywhere in America at this moment or atleast soon coming.

*What is the best reason you would say for me to buy this? Answer:If you are a WWE fan,you will love these games and the boxset is cheaper but ofcourse if you aint sure to buy the boxset or not you should think about it and then judge it.You can watch videos and look at pictures right here on Gamespot.
And also the best reason would be if you know you like WWE even a little you will surely find this boxset useful and good,Because those games are all Great.

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