Want Disgaea 2 on the DS?

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User Info: Splosk

8 years ago#1
Vote Here


Click on "Wish List" and Look for "Disgaea 2 DS"


Before that you need to register Here


User Info: Cheesypoof

8 years ago#2
I do want Disgaea 2 on the DS. Good find.
"My oh my, fools aplenty...that includes me, too." Legault, FE7

User Info: negi_magician

8 years ago#3
If it has even half as much extra content as this port does, then definitely.

Heck, as long as I don't have to hear Adell say "that's just my style" in every other scene, I'm good.
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User Info: GuilhermeEin

8 years ago#4
Come on guys, let's bring D2 to the DS!
"Nin nin nin!" - Flonne

User Info: Penchinon

8 years ago#5
But... it's not like that matters, since NIS is the maker of the games, and the localization branch has no say in that :|

User Info: Zharoth

8 years ago#6
Well if it's the same kind of topic that of the PSP boards, I believe they're talking about merchandise, not the actual game.

I personnally hope they bring all the titles to handhelds. That game is the king of time consumption, and handhelds are made for this.

GO NIS. Use your brains and make it. =[

User Info: Shagyam

8 years ago#7
Please do not wish for games on a wish list.

User Info: Akazora

8 years ago#8
Disgaea 2 is bigger than Disgaea 1, and considering how toned down Disgaea 1 was for the DS they wouldn't be adding extra content, they would be cutting content from Disgaea 2.

User Info: Final_agent

8 years ago#9
Yeah, I'm not too sure about wanting Disgaea 2 on DS either with the chance of losing content...

Only if NIS is willing to use those bigger DS carts for it.
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I'm gonna get one once the Soul Calibur 4 hype dies down! Don't wanna deal with the demons of Xbox Live.

User Info: Shagyam

8 years ago#10
D2 is only 1 GB according to google.

They have 2 gb cards out for ds which are 256 MB.

25% of the game >.<
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