how does broker work?

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User Info: TwilightPath

8 years ago#1
does it boost the hell rewarded for clearing the stage?

User Info: _Mogri_

8 years ago#2
Yes, it boosts the hell out of the stage.

You have to use the weapon to kill the monsters to get the bonus.
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User Info: TwilightPath

8 years ago#3
^so i cant stick it to my armor?

User Info: KlayBuddy

8 years ago#4
You can put it anywhere and it'll still work.
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User Info: Saethori

8 years ago#5
But it only applies to enemies killed with the specialists. Enemies killed with your other party members don't receive the benefit, and, as always, enemies killed with poison or Geo Chains still don't yield HL at all.

User Info: poweryoga

8 years ago#6
Each mob you kill yields a certain amount of cash. The specialist increases that kill cash by a percentage, so the guy has to keep landing the killing blows. (thus hogging all the exp... which might not be bad if you're PLing the guy anyway)

Though by the end you usually have so much money there's not much use for this particular specialist.

User Info: Final_agent

8 years ago#7
Seriously, you'll have so much money by the end game you'll be throwing it around in the dark assembly by buying anything that you come across in the shops.

The broker is a big help as long as you get it as early as possible though. Allows you to quickly get to the last store rank before the end of the game...
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