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User Info: robster_2005

8 years ago#1
Is it just me or does the Dark Assembly seem a lot less predictable in the DS game than it was in the PS2 version?

even if you get the majority of the voters to "Strongly For" or "Total Support" the bloody thing seems to go against you. It's not like I'm trying to pass a hard bill either.......all I want to do is increase the variety of items in the shops to level 7 but so far I have failed 4 times in a row now despite bribing a hell of a lot of officials.

Is anyone else having any problems with this or am I just suffering from really bad luck here?

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User Info: TheDreamcaster

8 years ago#2
its still very predictable. Basically the higher level senators have far more influence than lower level ones, so try to focus your bribing on the highest level people. Higher level people make the YAY! bar rise a lot more should they vote positive, when some of the lower ones will barely even affect it.
Also, the more influence your character has, the easier it will be to pass bills, so promotion exams are pretty useful. Later on, the harder bills will be almost impossible to pass without having to persuade by force.

Although i got lucky the other day, i managed to pass the Alt.Netherworld bill with my Divine Majin, which randomly seem to hit 11k influence.
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User Info: robster_2005

8 years ago#3
Sweet thanks for the help.

I'm trying most of those tactics but still seem to be having just a terrible run of luck. I have played the PS 2 version religiously for well over 300 hours now but this seems a lot less predictable in my opinion even if you do bribe the high influence officals.

Just remember kids.....you can't spell Ignorance without IGN.

User Info: VallenValiant

8 years ago#4
Part of the problem with the DS version, is that there is far less senators that could attend each assembly, 14 is the limit I think. While in PS2 I believe the Senate could be filling up all the seats...

The 14 senator limit means there is a SERIOUS lack of votes for the more difficult bills. In the PS2 version you could have so many total votes that you could afford a few senators saying Nay, and still pass hard bills. But in the DS version the most difficult bills generally need EVERYONE of the 14 senators to vote on your side in order to pass it.

User Info: kowslayer3

8 years ago#5
If you're reading this, then I can have the satisfaction of knowing that I wasted a couple seconds of your existence!

User Info: LotoPhoenixLord

8 years ago#6
no in my hunt of a HIGH infu. I highest amount of people so far is 16( hunting in the way of spamming Hitting A,B button)

User Info: robster_2005

8 years ago#7
Finally got it through..........but that was NOT fun >.<

Thanks for the help guys

Just remember kids.....you can't spell Ignorance without IGN.

User Info: blueblade

8 years ago#8
worth pointing out, a high inf is really only need for high mana bills. For lower mana bills, like more expensive items, it can actually be better to have low influence and fewer senators, since your items will go further. You might also get lucky and find all the inf concentrated in just 1-2 high level senators.
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