Game Summary, Translation of menus, etc. (my own work)

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  3. Game Summary, Translation of menus, etc. (my own work)

User Info: kingmenghuo

9 years ago#1
JIGSAW WORLD: Daigekitou! Jig-battle Heroes
Essentials: Local Wireless, Download Play, no Wi-fi

This game is a ridiculous amount of fun. You solve jigsaws by carrying the pieces to where they go, and are competing against other AI or players. When the puzzle is done, the person with the most pieces down wins. You can run by someone and grab the piece they have, and each character has different special moves, from freezing all other players to automatically setting any pieces you touch in the next 6 seconds, etc.

Very high energy, and nonstop frantic play. Extremely, extremely easy to play for someone who doesn't know any written language, japanese or english. Seriously, if you can work a DS in any way, you can handle this. You can even press start and skip the dialogue sections completely, making story mode a breeze to get into and start playing.

Also there's an Etna (disgaea) cameo as an unlockable character, and you can play as Cat-bread (which has the most destructive and awesome special of all). There are at least 144 puzzle images to be unlocked, and a few unlockable characters other than Etna.



Main Menu
1. Story Mode
2. Free Mode
3. Wireless Play
4. Download Play
5. (info blurbs about puzzle pics, in japanese. ignore)
6. Options

Option Menu
1. Delete Save Data
(yes, it's the only thing in there)

Wireless Play Menu
1. Host Game
2. Join Game

Free Mode Menu
1. 1v1
2. 2v2
3. 1v1v1v1
Character Select
Difficulty Select
Red is hard, Yellow is medium, Green is easy
Puzzle Category Select
1. through 6. are obvious
7. Mythical Creatures
8. Outer Space
9. "This Game"
Contains characters and art from the game, probably includes some unlockable Disgaea art I haven't seen
Music Select
1. through 6. are the defaults, others are unlockable.
Plays preview of the one you have highlighted.
Game Begins! (push A to start)

Pause Menu
1. Return to Title Screen
2. Restart Game
3. Character Info and Moves

User Info: Devilman_Amon

9 years ago#2

Though I feel this game would have been perfect for Wi-Fi. Shame..

JUS code: 193358172492
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  3. Game Summary, Translation of menus, etc. (my own work)

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