The True Game Informer Information Thread;

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User Info: bernieball

8 years ago#41
Ok, it NEVER says when you play as a Big Daddy right?

And the Big Sister is one of the Little Sisters from Bioshock 1 all grown up correct? And the Big Sister chases you (Big Daddy)?

That means you must be playing as the first Big Daddy in the sequel section, and not the prequel one.

Seems like he did survive 10 years.

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User Info: ATLAS929

8 years ago#42
But onedustybaby, remember Jack was a mute brute too, except for his "I'm special" intro, he got developed by other characters, anyways this sounds cool, except for mp, who knows if it is true or not though.

User Info: Butters92126

8 years ago#43
That "I'm special speech" was the coolest speech in all game history, especially after you beat the game.
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User Info: druswid

8 years ago#44
Bioshock 2 sounds more to me like Bioschlock. Playing as a big daddy? Continuing the story after the first one wrapped it up so neatly? I don't want a whole series of Bioshock games, especially because of the fact that the first one was so well made and atmospheric, I just don't quite feel that followups will measure up, and they might even ruin the magic of what made the first one great. It's kind of like what happened with the Highlander series of movies: the first one, the best one, with Christopher Lambert, had him WIN. Besides the fact that some Hollywood idiot decided to make immortals supposedly aliens from other planets, that first movie closed the story and had Connor gain the ability to have children, etc. What asinine tricks will 2K pull out of their hat in continuing a story that didn't need to be continued?
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User Info: MidwayWuzzupman

8 years ago#45
I see the story being as far as a Bioshock 3. I don't know how we'll get to 6 (even though 2K said it was possible). The only problem I have with being a big Daddy is, bioshock (1) it was not fun, felt like a chore, hopefully the drill and Rivet gun makes it easier. Remember Big daddies were BIG and strong, in Bioshock you were just a guy in a Big Daddy suit, changed voice, and wore like a big daddy perfume (yuck). I think we should play Big Daddy all the way from prequel to sequel. In the prequel it will only be easy because the people aren't completely crazy yet, so less will go after them and they won't be too strong, but as the game progresses they will be stronger and more of them. Maybe you'll talk to other Big Daddies in the prequel and still be able to talk to humans? Question now is, how many little sisters can we have at once??? If any more three should be maximum (four, five, six? That's madness!)

User Info: 666X13

8 years ago#46

higher quality scans:









User Info: 0Tolerence4dumb

8 years ago#47
so many people here are getting things confused. Evidently most of you haven't got the magazine yet. The entire game takes place 7 years after the first. THE ENTIRE GAME. It is a prequel in the respects that you will learn the history of the city through the eyes of the first big daddy, one that is unique and unlike all the rest. The protecting little sisters is only optional and a way to get Adam, you can still harvest them for a greater reward but also attract the Big Sister quicker. You can stil use Plasmids, and there are more weapons than just the drill and rivet gun, they just aren't released yet. The rivet gun has 3 types of ammo though. Stop mixing rumors and fact together, and most of you are taking the prequel thing too far. GI also addresses being a Big Daddy in Bioshock 1, where you were only impersonating one. There is a lot more to the game than you are giving credit.
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User Info: Ghidoran

8 years ago#48
666X13: Normally I'd freak out on you for linking to the pictures(which people at Gamefaqs cannot see) but since what you provided is infinitely useful I'll simply thanks you. *thanks* and also cause your avatar is Patrick Star.

Now, for the gamefaqers...
Ozymandias did you thirty-five minutes ago.
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User Info: Kiwikinda

8 years ago#49
Thanks for the quality scans man.
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User Info: martinscesar

8 years ago#50

I still cannot read most of the parts can someone try to get better quality pictures.

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