The True Game Informer Information Thread;

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User Info: ThunderBolts07

8 years ago#61

qxc23 posted...
either this game is going to be just good or just plain bad

i hope its not bad after reading GI cuse everything sounds really good to me

User Info: B0vril

8 years ago#62
When I read the brief bullet points for Bioshock 2 I was sceptical that it would live up to the original . But now that I have read the full Game Informer Article, I am seriously excited for this game. It sounds awesome! I can't wait to see some actual game play.

User Info: bioshock2feind

8 years ago#63
i have the magazine and ill just send the pics as clear as possible just send me an email address

User Info: The_DSP

8 years ago#64
BARK! BARK! Check it out. I'm a dog.
GT: CapnMagmuh

User Info: dark_one94

8 years ago#65
I feel as though I have to clear up some misconceptions about Bioshock 2. All of the answers have ben confirmed from the article in Game Informer, IGN, or G4 TV's The FEED.

Q. You play a big lumbering Big Daddy?

A. No, you play the first Big Daddy (from now on will be called BD1). The prototype if you will. You are slim and fast, not big and slow like the other Big Daddies (from now on be called the “production model”). You still get their “rush attack”.

Q. Since you play the first ever Big Daddy, this game must be a prequel right?

A. Nope, the game takes place 10 years after the events of the first Bioshock. What BD1 was doing during that time remains to be seen.

Q. Wait, since you’re a Big Daddy, you cannot use plasmids?

A. No that’s wrong. Again since you play BD1 a prototype you will have the ability to use plasmids. According to the information out there, you will be able to upgrade the plasmids that give you different attacks and can use them in conjunction with traps. Also you can use them while using a weapon.

Q. What kind of weapons can you use?

A. The only two confirmed weapons are the Drill and Rivet gun, there will be more but the developers have not said what they will be.

Q. So what’s the deal with escorting a Little Sister? Because everybody HATES escort missions.

A. Not a lot of details are known about this yet. All that we know is once again you have a choice to either save or kill the Little Sisters. It remains to be seen how long you will have to escort them and protect them while they harvest ADAM from dead splicers.

Q. I heard that you can go outside Rapture and walk around under water. So does that mean that there are bad guys on the outside or what?

A. Again not to many details on this. But from what I got from the information is that you will be able to go outside and travel to different parts of Rapture. They said “this is a good way to take a break from the action because nothing can follow you out there.”

So I hope that clears up some of the questions out there. If you have any more ask, and Ill see if I can answer them.
Xbox tag: gundam94

User Info: LEGOslayer

8 years ago#66
I can picture it now....*walking underwater to avoid combat when suddenly, A GIANT WHALE comes around a corner, crushing you immediately...

User Info: Quzon

8 years ago#67
I'm thinking this game will be up to par with the first one.
I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman.
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