This game is excellent! *SPOILERS*

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User Info: Dark_Epathy

4 years ago#1
Wow. So, I just finished it, and, honestly, I'm blown away by how good the game turned out to be.

I don't think anyone will disagree that BioShock was fine without a sequel. Everything about it was pretty neatly tied up, and, sure, I'll concede that this game is largely more of the same.

But then it also does so much more--Rapture is actually used for something by Lamb and the Family as opposed to just being a vibrant mystery in the first game. The storyline with Eleanor feels like a natural outgrowth of what happened with Jack, and the ways in which the Little Sisters and Big Daddies are explored is really cool.

The additions to the mythology in terms of characters and places, even if retroactive, are great. I can't think of Rapture and not include Sinclair, Lamb, or Delta now. If you can suspend your disbelief and consider BioShock 2 as an addendum to the first game--a second volume--then suddenly it's just excellent. The two together make a whole.

And the gameplay--fantastic. The gathers were annoying at first, but they became pretty simple over time. I actually used everything I had in this game at my disposal, from traps to plasmids to weapons, unlike the first game. There was just a bigger variety of things and situations to play with.

So, I'm basically super pumped for Infinite now. lol Am I wrong in assuming there are some thematic similarities between this game and that game, as well? The whole maiden as savior thing, from what little I've seen of Infinite seems strikingly similar . . .

No spoilers, of course. : )
"We are the greater good." -- Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead
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  3. This game is excellent! *SPOILERS*

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