Hard difficulty is a JOKE

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User Info: wo1f

7 years ago#1

I might stop playing cause i have no challenge at all. At the 4 levels i went in the option to check my difficulty level cause i though i was at easy but no I'm at hard !!

My Wallets always full at 600$ ( I know there a upgrade for that i didnt get it yet ). So i have to spend cash on useless stuff or to buy the best ammo there is else i end up leaving tons of cash behind me.

There tons but TONS of ammo all over already for all the weapons it's a real joke.

The drills with the freeze "add on" kill everything on my way with the charge and melee attack.

The only hard time i'm having is to fight big sister (those actually give me a challenge).

Except that it's mostly a click click click all over too gather tons of cashsammofoods and some fun killing unchallenged opponents.

I have so many ammocash that i end up leaving tons of stuff all over ....

I won't start with the adams i RESCUE the little sister ( Suppose to give less adams) im at like 600 adams right now and I don't even know what to spend them on, cause i already bought all the usefull one, rest is crap and since I'm already A GOD I don't need extra overpower stuff.

Anyway so far it's a real joke and im at level 6 and it's getting very boring.

The hacking system is way too easy as well i always get bonus items while hacking cause i always manage to hit the blue lines, so it's extra health kits,ammo,misc stuff all over.

** Getting shot at with 2-3 bullets seem to make me lose all my health bar. I guess that's what the HARD option is for, more damages !! That's a bit dumb but i guess they didnt have any ideas how to make a game "harder". But like i said before sense you have tons of health kits & cash this isn't a issue. Hell even if I run out I can just walk back my steps and gather the left over and be full 2min later.

Anyway the balancing in this game is very bad !!! Hard should be HARD. There shouldnt have tons of cash and ammo all over the places at hard. Easy/Normal difficulty is probably a real joke and a click click click fest to gather all the stuff around.

Bioshock 1 was way harder then this.

I must have been playing too much of RE5 at the hardest difficulty.

User Info: moothead

7 years ago#2
Turn off.....Vita chambers?
Would you kindly?

User Info: wo1f

7 years ago#3
the only time i died was against big sister's .. so it's not the issue

User Info: AsWeFall

7 years ago#4
So is this a complaint or are we supposed to acknowledge your ego?

I don't see the problem. If it's too hard, turn off Vita-Chambers, go on a minimalist run, and don't pick up ammo unless it's from enemy bodies, don't hack machines. Or just stop playing altogether and do the same thing for BioShock 1.

User Info: wo1f

7 years ago#5
Nah my ego is fine dont worry. My point was that the game is unbalanced !

User Info: Crunch34

7 years ago#6
ok you think the game is too easy but admit you have trouble with big sisters?

maybe if you're dying to big sisters you shouldnt make topics proclaiming how "easy" this game is

this game is no easier than the average fps, i think there is a fair amount of challenge on hard considering how fast your health can drop if you're not careful.

User Info: Kasemitsu

7 years ago#7

if you think the game is easy, just impose self restraints
It's a lot of fun, but I normally do it after finishing the game
I think I'm running a no-plasmid drill-only now that I've finished (I'll still need to use plasmids for some parts, though, like melting ice :/)

User Info: BonnabinTheDire

7 years ago#8
I thought hard w/o Vita Chambers was a joke in Bioshock 1, but that was after I had beaten it once each on Easy and Normal. Like a lot of games, once you know how it works, it's real easy.
Watch a mod spoil FFVII for me: http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/5071/asdfq.png

User Info: wo1f

7 years ago#9
You're a smart guy aren't you ? If someone manage to beat 3 levels by dying 1 time does it make a game difficult ??

I don't think so.. do the math Sherlock !

It's not because there 1 difficult enemy that I'll say the game is NOT easy if 95% of the game is.

User Info: Subby33

7 years ago#10
Ok so.

Turn off vita chambers.
Only buy the inferno plasmid requirement.
Dont buy ammo.
Dont buy eve.
Dont buy first aids.
Dont buy any upgrades.

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