Unlocking courses

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User Info: rnashting

8 years ago#1
So, this may be a dumb question, but me and my daughters have been playing this for afew days and we can't figure out how to play any of the courses except the first three. Does anyone know how to unlock future courses?

User Info: buhfee

8 years ago#2
You have to do single player and vs barker, once you beat or go under par on 2 courses in any of the lands it will open a new place for you to play in, then once you beat him in the new places unlocked it will open hard courses.

User Info: the_poodle

8 years ago#3
Yup. Getting PAR or less on two courses in the same realm will unlock the next realm. It doesn't matter whether you get it in Solo play or against Barker so long as you get PAR or lower the you will unlock a "puzzle piece" and once you have 2 "puzzle pieces" then the next realm will open.

So far i have found that...

Fairytella unlocks King's Court
Prehistoria unlocks Wild West
Barn Yard unlocks Pirate's Delight

I haven't played the three mediums ones yet so i don't know which medium realm unlocks which hard realm.

User Info: the_poodle

8 years ago#4
Here's which hard realm each medium realm unlocks.

King's Court unlocks Rah's Revenge
Wild West unlocks Spook-O-Rama
Pirate's Delight unlocks Amazeon

So if there's a specific realm that you want to play you now know which ones you need to get puzzle pieces from.

Have fun.

User Info: Rsteube

8 years ago#5
Just unlock them all, it literally takes less than 1 hour to do it. This game really is too easy unfortunately :/ Very disappointed in how darn easy it is.

Oh well.

User Info: buhfee

8 years ago#6
Yea it is pretty short, still fun when you have a few friends around tho, same as most wii games i guess

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