How do I beat Brayko !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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User Info: coleg01

7 years ago#1
I am about to snap my game disk in half.

This is the most frustrating boss ever.

I cant seem to get past 50% of his strength.

There must be an easy way to beat this guy, I have tried all the suggestions listed in this forum and am getting nowhere.

Aaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhh :(

User Info: Darque

7 years ago#2
A better question is: how are YOU trying to do it?

Until we know that, we can't really advise you.
Jill Valentine > You

User Info: vespa5

7 years ago#3

I knew how tough he was playing on Easy mode (non-recruit/non-veteran). Then I started playing on Recruit so I could play veteran with the bonus AP that goes along with it and KNEW how tough he could be. That's why I played Moscow last. Went for Taipei first, Rome second, and then Moscow for Brayko is one of the most pesky (I wouldn't say hard) boss to play. This playthrough, I boosted my pistol skills so I can chain shot that punk to kingdom come. It's almost like cheating when you have the chain shot skill boosted up with a decent pistol

User Info: Darque

7 years ago#4
To be honest, I didn't find Brayko that hard.

he has a pattern...

Shoot -> run and stab -> drop to knees for a bit -> Repeat

When he's on his knees, he's a sitting duck...
Jill Valentine > You

User Info: ryo_strife24

7 years ago#5
Easiest NON fail method, I'm working on my 4th play through (ya I'm cheevio whoring). I've even beat him on hard so here is what you do, agent:

1. FLASHBANGS are your friend for any boss or hairy situation, leveled up or not.

2. When the fight starts, toss and flash up there, followed by a incendary (I think I spelled that wrong, but close enough) and then unload rounds into him as he burns.

3. Once he sniffs his blow then make laps around the stage going up and down until the light flash and he goes upstairs.

4. Pick a side of the room and get behind a barrier and take out his lackies.

5. Once he flashes again and come down, flashbang him, then unload.

This works for pretty much all the bosses minus the once you can't reach like Darcy or Leland but it works wonders on Dang and the other guys. Its easy as pie with this method and a pistol with chain shot. I managed to down him in one go on hard with this method. Hope this has helped you out a bit. :)
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User Info: IotaDelta

7 years ago#6
Gotta know what your building is to have some sort of idea on how to help you.

User Info: Darque

7 years ago#7

Heh, never thought about that XD
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User Info: coleg01

7 years ago#8
Tried various ways:

1. Run away until he catches his breath then beat up/shoot him, then hide when he is shooting.
2. Tried keeping behind cover and snipe shoot his head whenever I get the chance.
3. Tried overclock/flashbangs.
4. Tried clearing goons so I can concentrate on Brayko.

Dont have any pistol skills, mainly assault/technical/sabotage, so cant do chain-shoot.

The camera is a real pain as when I am running I cant see where I am going and where Brayko is at the same time so I either get stabbed because he catches me or bump into something because I am trying to look back to see if he is winded.

Going to try the Taipei/Steven Heck option next.

User Info: Darque

7 years ago#9
When he's chasing you, don't even bother to watch him - just run.

I used the AR on him my first game... just wait for him to drop to his knees and then unload on him.

Try and get a crit or two if you can.

Keep in mind, there are two health pickups in the room - use those if you need them.
Jill Valentine > You

User Info: Dark_Spiret

7 years ago#10
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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  3. How do I beat Brayko !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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