hail Odin!!!

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User Info: lennethsoki

9 years ago#1

User Info: Ultimaprince

9 years ago#2
Dude he's dead

User Info: erk13

9 years ago#3

In fact Odin died in both 1 and 2 Bwahahahahha
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User Info: Shining_Light

9 years ago#4
Hail the angst semi-fairy!
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User Info: Aussie2B

9 years ago#5
I didn't like how they turned Odin into a complete villain in VP2. I mean, he wasn't exactly a good guy in the original, but that game used a subtle approach to the nature of characters where just about all of them existed in some grey area in which they were neither good nor evil, like Badrach, for an einherjar example. VP2 kind of dumbed down that aspect, portraying Odin and Freya as completely sinister.
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User Info: erk13

9 years ago#6
Odin stole the dragon orb from mid guard in both games he was truely bad but Freya walked a gray line both times
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User Info: engimaman

9 years ago#7
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