is this who i think it is

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  3. is this who i think it is

User Info: Tabcef

9 years ago#1

i really, really hope it is

although i have no idea how you would characterize him

User Info: Tabcef

9 years ago#2

User Info: Game Jester

Game Jester
9 years ago#3
Didn't you see what happened to him at the end of P3?

User Info: Magoichi_Saika

9 years ago#4
Yeah if you put it that way its impossible...
Still the impossible has been done before.
The good looking always prevails it's just a fact of life. -Magoichi Saika

User Info: serph_sin

9 years ago#5
It seems highly unlikely that its him,just a slight lookalike

User Info: Rhen_Var

9 years ago#6
I think the dude in the Soccer field looks more like the MC then him.

User Info: StarRaver

9 years ago#7
highly doubt it, they sort of do look alike

but he is a playable character, you can see him in some of the battle scenes from the preview video.
think +

User Info: Chrono_Helix

9 years ago#8
He kind of looks like he's holding a gun...
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User Info: Reiji S

Reiji S
9 years ago#9
This guy isn't featured yet in the magazine scans, is he?
"If there's one thing worse than good men doing nothing, they are doing something bad."

User Info: birdmaru

9 years ago#10
may be thats him and may be its a reason the shadows returned
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  2. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
  3. is this who i think it is

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