atlus more like fatlus

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User Info: lol_what

8 years ago#1
am i right

User Info: PulcineAura

8 years ago#2
I don't get it...

User Info: JamMasterJim

8 years ago#3
Online joke about fat nerds playing Atlus Games. 'It's like I'm really Japanese!'.
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User Info: Newnewsfriend10

8 years ago#4
Everyone calls them "Fatlus" because the shirt in the Social Link Pack was an XL.
*Female gamer*

User Info: Kouja

8 years ago#5
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User Info: ProtoShel

8 years ago#6
U r rite, but most of this board would deny this.
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User Info: Wolegin

8 years ago#7
so I suppose jokes these days aren't meant to be funny?
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User Info: ProtoShel

8 years ago#8
What ever do you mean?

I found this funny, if only slightly so.
Number of times donned the Serious Business Suit: 2
Number of PS2/3's smashed:33/5

User Info: Kurobuki12

8 years ago#9
ProtoShel, that's because you know where the joke comes from.
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User Info: CrimsonFireball

8 years ago#10
Sorry some of us are actually tall.
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