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User Info: ivan_osorio

8 years ago#1
Okay, not sure what am I doing wrong...
I got to 5F on Yukiko's Castle and every time I try to approach a door, Yukiko's Shadow transports me to somewhere else on the floor, and even if I do manage to, somehow, to touch the doors (sometimes it lets me do so if I walk towards the camera), it says that they are locked.
What the $%^&* is happening here? Any help?

Additional info that might or not be useful:
Everyone is level 10,
April 22nd,
S.Links: Fool:1, Magician:2, Chariot:1, Strength:2,

User Info: Miskay

8 years ago#2
Turn around and go backwards, eventually you'll find a door that you can enter with a miniboss.

User Info: OshareKeiji

8 years ago#3
After you kill the mid-boss, the teleport effect will disappear. So if you missed any rooms, that will be the time to check.
Now THIS is the ultimate Helel. and I made it. You can ask me how if you want.

User Info: ivan_osorio

8 years ago#4
Thanks a lot!
Forgive my n00bness, this was really driving me crazy.

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