Dialogue for Party Members Encountered in Dungeons?

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User Info: MidnightW

8 years ago#131
I love the

>Things suddenly get awkward

Message xD
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User Info: Shadow_Ryoko

8 years ago#132
Just got kind of a funny one between Kanji (lv 5) and Naoto (maxed)

Kanji: What should I make after the rabbit? / Yeah, see...That kid was pretty happy about it,so I'm thinking about giving him another one...That's all.
Naoto: ...I deduce by Kanji's words just now that he gave something to a child, yes? / A rabbit...In this context, it wouldn't be a live rabbit, but something more like a stuffed animal. / On top of that, since he mentioned "giving it," Kanji-kun had something to do with its creation...
Kanji: H-Hey, don't use your fancy "logic" on me like that! / Y-you're way off! Y-your premises or whatever are totally wrong!
Kanji: Uh...I-I'm lying, y-you're 100% right.
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User Info: Staroxide

8 years ago#133
Yet another Yosuke/Yukiko convo.

Yosuke S. Link - Rank 7

Yosuke: ......
Oh sorry... I was just thinking. I need to get focused... Gotta concentrate on exploring this place.

Yukiko: Yosuke-kun... if you want to talk, I'm always willing to listen, okay?

Yosuke: Oh... S-Sorry for making you worry... It's not your fault, Yukiko. It's just... I don't really understand myself...

with Yukiko

Yukiko: Yosuke-kun's all quiet today. He seems completely lost in thought.

yt link will return eventually

User Info: Tyrant_Wave

8 years ago#134
Something I read earlier in the topic:

"Chie's Muffin (Rank 10, restores SP to full):
"U-Um... / This... is for you... Um, if you don't mind... I-I want you to eat it."

....That sounds so wrong >_>
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User Info: Steppen

8 years ago#135
Found a few hidden in the mess that is my notepad which I forgot to post. Also, I've a save from way back in May that'll let me get some of those mid-rank convos that I missed. I'll get on that after I beat my second playthrough.

Chie Rank 10...

Chie: "(MC)-kun... / I'm doing my best to keep a straight face... So stop looking at me that way..."

with Teddie

Teddie: "Wh-What's with this shyness ray!? / C'mon, Sensei. Do something already! I'm gonna die of shyness if this keeps up..."

with Naoto (low rank, non-romanced)

Naoto: "Er... Am I in the way?"
Chie: "N-No no no! Wh-What're you saying!?"

with Fox

> The fox is looking up at Chie with wonder...

User Info: Steppen

8 years ago#136
Teddie Rank 7...

Teddie: "If I am a King, then that makes sense in some ways. / My dignified face, delicate behavior, and romantic bearing..."

with Yukiko

Yukiko: "...Actually, the best part of you is your overconfidence in yourself."
Teddie: "R-Really? Teeheehee, Yuki-chan praised me!"

with Chie

Chie: "...Yeah."
Teddie: "Why don't we make Chie-chan a princess?"
Chie: "Huh...? Oh... no thanks."

User Info: Steppen

8 years ago#137
Kanji Rank 10 with Fox

Kanji: "Oh yeah, have you been using that pot holder? It's been popular at our shop. / Maybe I should use this guy as inspiration next time."
> Kanji is staring passionately at the fox...

Yosuke Rank 4...

Yosuke: "The Meat Lover's Combo... Just like it says in the name, you really have to love meat to order it."

with Yukiko

Yukiko: "Is that the meal they have at Junes? It's the one with a lot of meat in it, right? / Chie was eating it the other day as if it was an afternoon snack..."
Yosuke: "...I should write on the menu that it's 'Chie Exclusive.' "

with Kanji

Kanji: "Oh, you talking about that thing at the food court? / I wanna try it, but it's always sold out..."
Yosuke: "Don't tell me, did Chie-- / D-Don't answer that. I'm not sure I want to know for sure that a friend of mine has the appetite of a starved wolf..."

User Info: Steppen

8 years ago#138
Yukiko Rank 6...

Yukiko: "The people at the inn keep asking me questions every day, like 'What kind of guy is he?' and 'Is he handsome?' / *chuckle* I'm sorry I got you involved."

with Yosuke

Yosuke: "...Should I go somewhere else?"
Yukiko: "Huh? No, it's not what you think!"

with Chie

Chie: "What's wrong, Yukiko? You look a little red."
Yukiko: "I-It's nothing!"

Yukiko Rank 10 with Fox

Yukiko: "Ahaha... I think... this is kinda embarassing. / ......"
> Yukiko is gazing at you with kind eyes...
> Beside her, the fox is staring at you with a cold gaze...

...Fox likes Yukiko, eh? Cant say I blame him for getting jealous.

6/13, Change of Uniform
> Talk to the others

Teddie: "They're so cute! All the girls have changed their outfits! / Huh? / I don't pay attention to the guys."

Yosuke: "Isn't this great? / The girls are wearing lighter clothes... It really starts to hit you that summer's just around the corner!"

Chie: "Isn't this like the first time I've seen you in white, (MC)-kun? / I guess changing uniforms is worth it sometimes. *chuckle*"

Yukiko: "Huh? / Aren't I hot...? / ...... / W-Well... the sleeves are short, right? And it's not a knit either..."

I was seriously wondering that when I first saw Yukiko... And I prefer Chie in the summer uniform, too.


User Info: Diovanti

8 years ago#139
Go here: http://www.rejectedidealism.net/persona/

There might be some mistakes in these if they didn't parse 100% correctly. There's a lot of binary junk in the game data files. Also, I didn't know when the characters referred to the MC by first or last name, so I just used his first. I'll do the rest later.

User Info: MysteriousJAPON

8 years ago#140
Holy ****, did you just finish it? That's awesome.
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