Finding persona for Margaret (Sylph)

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User Info: firedup24

8 years ago#1
This is the first Persona game I have played and I love it but I feel like I'm missing something or maybe I'm not doing something right. I just finished the void quest and I still have never seen the Persona Sylph which is needed to fulfill Margaret's first request. I read in a general FAQ that Sylph could be found in the Bathhouse but I keep playing through it and I have yet to see her. Is there a way to get the persona or is it just luck to find it?

User Info: FinestSakev2

8 years ago#2
Could try Magician Pixie + Chariot Nata Taishi
or Fool Yomotsu-shikome + Devil Liliam

It may only appear on certain floors of Steamy bath house if you don't want a fusion.

User Info: MidnightW

8 years ago#3
Glad to see your enjoying the game!

If you have other Temperence personas you could down fuse them (Temp Persona 1 + Temp Persona 2) until you find Sylph.
*I've apparently looked AND found an Internet Love Interest (ocelot51)! ^_~*
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  3. Finding persona for Margaret (Sylph)

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