Bufu? Agi?

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User Info: nels9n

8 years ago#1
I got a question. I don't know japanese.... but i just wanna know..

Does 'Agi' mean fire and 'bufu' mean ice in japanese?

If not, where is it adapted from?


User Info: tasman

8 years ago#2
nope . i don't think it's japanese .
this is the main features in SMT series.
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User Info: Nasada19

8 years ago#3
Copied from another thread. Didn't bother to actually check for validity, but seems right:

Mudo means silence in Spanish, and in Japanese, the kanji for Mudo means 'curse' or 'kill'.

Megido comes from Har Megido, Hebrew for Mountain of Megiddo, which is a place described in the Bible where Armageddon will take place.

Agi comes from Agni, which is Sanskrit for fire. (Also Hindu and Vedic deity.)

Bufu comes from the Sanskrit bRhattuhinazarkara, meaning full of great lumps of ice. The highest order of Ice spell is Niflheim, which is the land of ice and cold in Norse mythology.

Dia in Greek means song.

The prefix Maha- means "big/great" in Sanskrit. (Maragi, Mabufu, mazio, derive from 'maha'.)

The suffix -dyne is actually the unit of force in physics. (Agidyne, Bufudyne, Ziodyne, Garudyne.)

User Info: nels9n

8 years ago#4
Thank you so much!!!

Btw, do they still use the pronounciation of 'agi' for the japanese version of the game?

Or do they name the 'fire spell' something totally different?

User Info: mynamealone

8 years ago#5
yes they used agi,
but, myabe i'm wrong, but in jap. ver twas mahaagidyne
make sense since in sanskrit maha=super or somethhing along that line...
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User Info: JamMasterJim

8 years ago#6
Actually, Dia is nowhere near close to meaning 'Song' in Greek, unless I miss something.
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User Info: mynamealone

8 years ago#7
believe the wki...
Devil: Temptation and lust may be seen as negative qualities, but they can lead to great things.
look like I have DID or something....

User Info: Maha_Bufudyne

8 years ago#8
Well Dia means Day in Spanish but I doubt that is it.
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User Info: Dancing_Flames

8 years ago#9
Dia ("bright sky") in Greek mythology was the mother of the Lapith Pirithous, whose marriage to Hippodameia was the occasion of the Lapiths' battle with the Centaurs. ...

I'm assuming dia means "bright sky?"

The only thing I could find on "bufu" was that it meant "warrior-wind," which I guess could mean ice in a sense. Best I could find for "zan" (the previous name of the wind spell) meant "praise." "Garu" has something to do with this--maybe:


This: Zio
Zio (Germanic) The ancient Germanic sword god or war god, corresponding to Tyr in Norse mythology. He was called Tivisco by Tacitus, who describes him as a hidden god, held in such reverence by the Swabians that no one could enter the sacred grove of the Semnones, a prominent tribe of the Swabians, without being bound with a chain. The earth goddess Nerthus was regarded as his wife.

and this: zio
ziv| Hebrew name of ancient second month; (meaning splendor/flowering)
for Zio.
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User Info: Bookman186

8 years ago#10
Quick addition: Har Megiddo isn't just where Armageddon will take place...it's where the word "Armageddon" comes from.

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