Real-life Midnight Channel experience?

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User Info: hitoshurabattou

7 years ago#41
this is just great.. way to go.. tell us what's gonna happen next okay.. we're dying to know.

User Info: supermegachaos

7 years ago#42
gasp TCs already in the T.V.
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User Info: Raka_Putra

7 years ago#43
Finely fabricated alibi, my dear fellow GameFAQs uses.
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User Info: TimePS2

7 years ago#44
The Midnight channel is real you just have to pay EXTRA to see it... o.0
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User Info: shiro_amayagi

7 years ago#45
The Midnight Channel is real.

I still haven't observed it enough to know exactly what it does. I don't know if it really broadcasts the thoughts of the town's main focus at any given time or whatever. But it turns on.

We blew a transformer last night, and the whole block was without power until this morning. Last time, I toyed with the idea that someone had just been playing a prank with the breakers, but this one I just can't blame on anybody in particular. It was wet and the power was off, so everybody wanted to leave. Like I said, this house is creepy when all the lights are out. Nobody understood why I wanted to stay, and to tell you the truth I don't think I could have told them my reason if I wanted to.

I went in the room with the small TV again and closed the door. Like last time, I curled up. Something I always do when I freak out. This time I used my cell phone as a clock, waiting for 12:00. It was pretty low on battery, so I was trying to be conservative with it, but I checked it compulsively, using it like a flashlight every time I heard a weird thump or click outside. The last time I saw on it before it finally died was 11:43.

I sat there in stunned silence for what seemed like eternity, counting every second of those seventeen minutes in a hushed whisper so I would have another sound to focus on. I'd say I was at least fifteen seconds off before the TV flickered on again.

The image was just as staticky as before, which I suppose is to be expected on a TV that can barely handle Barney the Purple Dinosaur without killing the picture completely, but that didn't matter so much as what was on TV.

He walked towards the screen this time. Through the static, it was impossible to tell who he was. He was speaking, but there was no sound. Lightning struck outside, and for just a second the static lifted and I could see his face. His eyes were bloodshot and his features laden with concern. I almost couldn't tell who he was. His hair was way longer than it used to be, but he was my first love, a boy that I've been head-over-heels for since the day we met four years ago. He moved away, and I haven't been able to see him since then. I tried to call out to him, but he spoke first. I could hear one thing.

"Hey, Li-"

That's when it turned off. I panicked, so I started pinching myself over and over to see if I was dreaming. Each one hurt. My eyes were just adjusted enough to the dark to see paper and a pencil sitting on the nightstand in her room, but not enough to tell what I was writing. I gave it a shot, and scribbled off a brief explanation of it, which I can barely read now. I tried to post it here, but of course the computer was dead. All of a sudden, my eyes felt heavy. I wasn't sleepy before, so I could only guess that the Midnight Channel exhausts you when you watch it. I finally couldn't stay awake anymore, so I went to bed. The power just came back on an hour ago, so I thought I would share. Any ideas?
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User Info: Dancing_Flames

7 years ago#46
I love you big sis.
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User Info: Zeroxas_27

7 years ago#47
Try contact him, just in case.
Or his friends...

It foggy right now in your place?
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User Info: PatteTheDude

7 years ago#48
awesome.. XD

..Live and let live..

User Info: ValHellen

7 years ago#49
Great writing.
Pay close attention, don't listen to me for now.
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User Info: wolf_fox_nobody

7 years ago#50
i see a flaw in your story. how can there be a midnight channel when it is clearly time for the Dark Hour.
everyone knows you can only have 1 major earth changing event at a time
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